Squadhelp introduces escrow service for imported leads

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    Squadhelp has introduced a new feature on their website; escrow service for imported leads. If you have found a buyer doing outbound marketing, such as on Namepros, social media, or by sending emails, you can use their escrow service for a safe transaction with 4.5% commission, which is not too much. (Hope they will not increase their commission)
    To use this service, your domain must be verified by SH by pointing your domain to SH or adding A or TXT record. Only Standard/ WLM Listings are eligible to use this service. If I explain Standard/WLM listing in simple words, it means that your domain must be verified with SH. You may read this article for details.

    I, personally, don't like Epik's escrow service, I have always faced bugs using Epik, and I don't like their live chat support team. If I have time, I will write about it in detail.

    Dan also provides good and smooth escrow service for imported leads with $5% commission, but the minimum price of the domain must be $99, while SH hasn't any price limitations.

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    Good feature for Squardhelp...

    Thanks for the valuable informations

    Best Regards

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