SimilarWeb - How accurate their data is?

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I started using their reports not long ago, and got some discrepancies, in terms of estimated traffic volume. Not intending to accuse their service, as it was just a couple of domain names, and I was rather experimenting.

So I am wondering, is anyone counting on SimilarWeb, to get an idea of the domain traffic, as well as its source? If so, what's matching and what's not?

Thank you!
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It's as accurate as it gets when it comes to estimations of website traffic. Yes, I know domainers who use it for purchasing domains with traffic, park them, and then grace delete the ones that don't perform well.

Similar websites are Alexa, Quantcast, and that's about it now that shut down.
i believe it's a hit and miss thing, depends on if they have any data for what you are looking for, in other words, it can be an absolute hit for a search and a miss for another, but it's still valuable in the sense, that an little data is better than no data..
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