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As some of you know, I started a project to attempt to sell my names to a broader range of end users, and therefore to see if I could increase the return on my sales portfolio. The project was called -
Wise Accountant
It's very much an embryonic site at the moment, and very much a personal experiment. I'm trying to do a number of things.
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a good domain name
  • Expand the market by promoting the purchase of traffic generation names
  • Explaining the advantages of investing in virtual assets.
This thread is intended to be a discussion about educating potential buyers, and not really about my experimental site - although comments are always welcome if they will help me to improve the site.
I feel that simple lists of names are really just selling to the converted, and don't contribute to the expansion of the market.
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it doesnt looks good i didnt see the design attractive and content didnt looked good to me maybe it only looked to me as not good. if any body else gives you feedback then it will be useful.
Thanks for the comment. I'm trying a number of other templates, and my current one is for the casino industry. It's got links to active casino sites, so I haven't posted the URL The idea is to pick up some incxome from names whilst I am waiting for those mega offers. :)
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