budget: above $0 Seeking Bulk Expiring (45+ days) .com Domains for $0.10 each! You keep the ownership!

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Hey Community! 👋

We're on the hunt for expiring .com domains (45-60 days to expiry). If you've got domains you're probably not renewing, we're interested in making you an offer. We're aiming to be regular buyers. With our domain spots filling up fast. Secure your spot now!
Slide into my PMs with the number of domains you can provide. 🚀!

Here’s the details:
What We’re Looking For:
- Bulk Expiring Domains: .com TLDs only, please! 🌐
- DNS Control: Full reign over DNS settings (Just shift the name servers at your end).
- Clean Slate: No shady history or blacklist spots.

What’s Cool With Us:
- Name Game: We’re not fussy about domain names/keywords, as long as they’re squeaky clean.
- Registrar: Open to all.
- Ownership: Not looking to keep, just borrow. 🤝
- Tick-Tock: Close to expiring? No problem, we need them for 45-60 days.

What You Need To Do:
Just point those domains to our name servers and keep the WHOIS records open with our abuse/contact details. You retain full ownership!

We offer a fixed $0.10 per domain – no haggling needed.

Looking forward to your offers and rocking this out together!

Cheers! 🎉

Note: We're looking for sellers ready to provide us domains in bulk (50 at least) as we are gearing up to be regular monthly and weekly buyers.
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