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Welcome to our Sunday review of Top Topics here at NamePros! :woot: domain theft update; How fast can you sell 100 domains? Registrar of the year annual poll; Selling .AI domains to companies that operate on the .com; Buyer's request to change DNS before the sale—is it strange?

Any update on theft?
Not too long ago, was reported as stolen. Its owner, Uzi Nissan, passed away after decades of fighting to keep the domain away from the hands of Nissan Motors. Here are some updates on the current status of the historic domain

Topic by @Gabriel360

How long to sell a domain and annual sales with 100 domains?
Starting fresh as a domain investor can be challenging as expectations run high. A fresh domainer with a portfolio of 100 domains wonders how often does one complete a sale, thus projecting the holding time of his current portfolio. Hint: It can take a long time.

Topic by @yutoyasunaga

Your Favorite Registrar of the year 2023?
It's that time of the year when nominated domain Registrars are competing for the votes of their active users. Vote for your favorite domain Registrar before the end of 2023!

Topic by @equity78

Large corporate domains
Domains arrive in thousands of TLDs these days, some of which—e.g. dot .AI—can be very popular. Is it proper to register these alternate TLDs in an attempt to sell them to the potentially large companies that operate from the .com? Find out why this is a mistake by joining the discussion.

Topic by @Djoffrion

Changing name servers before the sale—is it a strange request?
A domain investor is baffled by the request of a potential buyer who asked to inspect a domain's traffic by changing the DNS. Is it truly "strange" to ask for something like that and are there any underlying dangers? Hear what other domain investors have to say.

Topic by @BestBrandDomains

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Thanks @Acroplex - I had missed most of these topics, including the start of the Favorite Registrar poll (thanks @equity78 for putting that together again this year).

The changing nameserver prior to sale is an interesting topic.

Thanks again!