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You might have a large portfolio of domain names and have to spend a lot on the renewal fee every year. Have you ever met the situation that you accidentally paid the renewal fee for the domain name that you do not want to keep anymore just because you forget to cancel the auto-renewal service? Take care in these details and it might save you’re a lot of money.

Choose a reliable registrar

Choose a registrar with good reputation. Domain names are not like other goods. We can make a copy of the website data if the data is lost. We can move the website to another server if the server is down. But the domain names are always in the management of the registrar. We have heard of some registrars prohibiting the transfer-out of the domain names and requiring high renewal fee. If you want to transfer the domain name out, it would require high transfer fee. Some agents even close down without any notice, bringing huge loss to the users. You can avoid these problems by choosing a registrar with good reputation.

Pay attention to the discount

In many cases, registrar will provide you discount in the first year renewal fee, but there is a condition that you must keep the domain name at the registrar for two years. It seems to be a good deal, but pay attention to the renewal fee in the second year, which might be higher than average. So be cautious when you see the discount. Figure out whether the domain name could be transfer out after one year and the renewal price after the discount is over. Consider the cost in a long term.

About Auto Renewal

Do you really need auto renewal? Check the option before paying for the first time. Except some premium domain names which you are not likely to abandon, do not use this option. The registrar will remind you several months before the domain name will expire. Then you can decide to sell them, abandon them or transfer to a cheaper registrar. If you use auto renewal, you might not pay attention to these domain names before the renewal fee is defrayed.

Pay attention to the additional service

Check the additional service before you make the payment. Sometimes the paid additional services are default options, thus you must click to cancel them. Otherwise you might pay for the services that you do not need at all.


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