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This thread is a central location to report domain name sales or purchases of any dollar amount.

As much information as you can include about the transaction is welcome, but at a bare minimum please include the domain name(s), the sale price, and whether you were the seller.

Good luck with your sales!

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Domain name:
Sale venue:
Listing type:
Listing upgrades:
Asking price:
Sale price:
Purchase venue:
Purchase price:

Suggested values / explanations:
  • Sale venue: Sold at NamePros, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
  • Listing type: Make Offer, Fixed price, Auction, Auction with Buy-It-Now, Reverse auction, etc.
  • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
  • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
  • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
  • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


Domain name:
Sale venue: NamePros (2016)
Listing type: Make offer with Buy-It-Now
Listing upgrades: Featured listing
Seller: Me
Asking price: $950
Sale price: $830
Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)
Purchase price: $25
Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.
Domain name:
Sale venue: GoDaddy Auctions (2012)
Listing type: 7-day Public Auction
Listing upgrades: N/A
Seller: Someone else
Asking price: N/A
Sale price: $60
Purchase venue: Hand registration (2009)
Purchase price: $8
Details: I watched its auction. The auction description said it was hand-registered the same day it dropped (from expiration).​

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Hold Time: 2 years
Purchase Price: Reg fee in 2019 (hand reg)
Venue: Afternic
Selling Price: $788

So rare to see a sale here. I'm from London, but sucks big time! Well done, mate. Probably some drug dealer got it 😁
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* Sold in july 26 and today received the last payment .
* Buyer from bulgaria , chose to buy with 5 installments , It was great job from DAN BOT ! (y)
* It was my first experience to sell in installments , I wanted to share how the steps was automated
as below & Transactions gone very smooth . Thanks to dan @DAN.COM

griv 1.PNG

griv 2.PNG
griv 3.PNG
griv 4.PNG
griv 5.PNG
griv 6.PNG
griv 7.PNG
griv 8.PNG
griv 9.PNG
griv 10.PNG

Domain: S A U D I F A S H I O N A W A R D S .COM
Venue: Afternic
Sale Price: $7888 (buy it now)
Commission: $1433
Net: $6455
Purchased: Handreg February 2021
congrats. Please, may I know what motivated this purchase and the pricing that you applied?
* Sold in july 26 and today received the last payment .
* Buyer from bulgaria , chose to buy with 5 installments , It was great job from DAN BOT ! (y)
* It was my first experience to sell in installments , I wanted to share how the steps was automated
as below & Transactions gone very smooth . Thanks to dan @DAN.COM

If you don't mind me asking, did you handreg this or acquire it elsewhere and if so, what was your cost and hold time? Nice sale btw!

Meta FB./net
Sale venue:
Sold Price: $30,000
Listing type:
Make Offer
Purchased Price: $5.90 handreg
Hold Time: 38 days
Date Purchased: 09-17-2021
Sale Completed: 10-25-2021

Details: I handregged this name right after I had sold the exact Meta FB .com hoping lightning would strike twice and it sure did. The buyer made an initial offer via Sedo of $30K, he left his email in the comments and wanted to negotiate for the name which seemed weird. Seemed like a scam to me so I just clicked accept just in case before the weekend and forgot about it and didn't expect the sale to go through at all... low and behold yesterday I get an email from Sedo that they had secured the buyer's funds.

Strange times!

As for this buyer, it is not the same one who acquired the .com.

Hot niche and still very much in it's infancy!

no further details.

Happy hunting!


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Hand reg on September 24, 2021
sold today October 26, 2021 for $250
My asking price at landing page was $200 for buynow but buyer offer me $250 via email.
It was available for $5 at Bargain Bin

I also sold this one two years ago
hand reg on September 25, 2019
sold on October 20, 2019





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c/m/d .vc
Venue: Afternic
Price: $199
Cost: $~10 (Bulk deal for .vc names)
Hold Time: 3 months or so

Experimenting with different extensions, still repricing/consistency checking names across marketplaces from the master file list I created. Could have priced a little higher, but cash flow is cash flow and just learn and move on.

No Further Details.
We are pleased to inform you that a buyer has accepted your fixed price offer for your domain defi {dot} republican for 499 USD!

You do not need to take any further actions for this transaction to be completed successfully.

For the security of the transfer, we will never email you directly regarding a transfer request. Specific transfer details will always be posted in your Sedo account. Each time a new message is added, you will receive a general notification message via email.

Further information can be found in your Sedo account

I bought this in May. Sedo took 20% as it looks like this sale came through Namecheap.

I don't see any .//republican sales on Namebio so I think I need to look up how to contribute there and have the first record for that extension... I didn't even know there was a .//republican or .//democrat until the day I hand reg'd defi in both extensions
Happy that I can make my second posting to this thread (finally!!) with my second domain sale of the year. This is also my second Afternic Fast transfer sale (so you could literally say 100% of my domain sales for the year came through the Afternic Fast Transfer network).

I am about 90% sure this was a GD closeout domain I bought for about $20 or $25 sometime in 2021. Getting one of these emails feels like Christmas. Good luck all!