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This thread is a central location to report domain name sales of any dollar amount.

As much information as you can include about the transaction is welcome, but at a bare minimum please include the domain name(s), the sale price, and whether you were the seller.

Good luck with your sales!

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Suggested template (bold details are required):

Domain name:

Sale venue:​
Listing type:​
Listing upgrades:​
Asking price:​
Sale price:​
Purchase venue:​
Purchase price:​

Suggested values / explanations:
  • Sale venue: Sold at NamePros, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
  • Listing type: Make Offer, Fixed price, Auction, Auction with Buy-It-Now, Reverse auction, etc.
  • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
  • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
  • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
  • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


Domain name:​
Sale venue: NamePros (2016)​
Listing type: Make offer with Buy-It-Now​
Listing upgrades: Featured listing​
Seller: Me​
Asking price: $950​
Sale price: $830​
Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)​
Purchase price: $25​
Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.​

Domain name:​
Sale venue: GoDaddy Auctions (2012)​
Listing type: 7-day Public Auction​
Listing upgrades: N/A​
Seller: Someone else​
Asking price: N/A​
Sale price: $60​
Purchase venue: Hand registration (2009)​
Purchase price: $8​
Details: I watched its auction. The auction description said it was hand-registered the same day it dropped (from expiration).​

  • If you don't want to provide any other information about the sale besides what you've posted, then include "no further details" or "NFD" in your post.
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Sold for $280. Congrats to the buyers ; ) Yes, it was HAND-REGG'ed.
13 month hold time, cost $3.08 + 1 renewal $9.49 (reg promo at spaceship + renew at dynadot).

This is my 4th KW + copilot sale, and my 3rd largest sale ever.

All top 3 were KW + copilot names, and I only had about 30 of these names at the time of this latest sale. Have a few more now :)

Due to the high STR I've raised my prices on these. I wanted to drop 'trendy' names but this trend is not letting me go haha but definitely not complaining

Verified in namebio


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Milady // [co]

Sale price : 1988 USD
Venue: Afternic (BIN - ns5, ns6)
Hold time: 3,5 years approx
Picked it up on closeouts

LegacyTrailers:xf.wink:com $2900 Afternic BIN
I bought this for $110
Dan's commission is like $150


All i can say is, I'm now more of a believer in .ME! I've sold more of them than .CO :P and any other extension I've owned tbh :P except King... of course.

It's undervalued, shoulda gone for 5x as much. But i needed quick sales
Sale price: $19,999(BIN)
Hold time: 4 years.
Sale price: $3300
Hold time: 2.5 ys, handreg
Venue: Afternic
Just over a week ago (took a bit longer to complete, but actually sold same day as frog sale reported earlier – first time in domaining I had two retail sales in one day). I sold:

cohort dot cc

at BIN

Acquired in a drop last fall. Thank you ExpiredDomains!

The sale is verified and listed on NameBio.

It is the type of versatile branding term I like. No idea of plans of buyer (nameservers not yet even changed). My .cc portfolio has grown to 557 (about 35% of entire portfolio). This is my second $$$$ .cc sale of 2024 so far.
Robo/finity // [com]

Sale price : 2199 USD
Venue: Atom
Hold time: 1,5 years approx
Closeouts purchase

wow a sedo sale... rare for me.. last one was like yrs ago lol... small change but tough sales now so I'll take it

recent handreg.. no outbound.. makeoffr


this one bodis inquiry even smaller but it adds up ... held it couple years.. no outbound... offer

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Octa/Grow// [com]

Sale price : 1900 USD
Venue: Atom
Hold time: 1 year and 3 months
Closeouts purchase


Buyer came in low, negotiated deal. I have to say transfer time at Atom has became really fast.
Sold Open,network $100,000

10 Years as original owner
Negotiations- Private
Lander- Efty Custom Form
Escrow- Dan Imported Lead
Screenshot 2024-06-01 112651.png
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Sale price: $1,500(Make Offer)
Hold time: 4 years.
just closed this one :

Vis/Intel// [com]

Sale price : 5499 USD
Venue: Afternic ( Atom listed )
Hold time: Almost 3 years
Closeouts purchase


Interestingly Atom appraised it at 3.3k, but I pushed the price up. I was thinking Visual+Intelligence (AI) and eventually someone agreed with me on valuation
Domains sold in May

r o - s e . c o m $750 Afternic, Hold time 13 mo
E n o v a - G r o u p . c o m $1,000 Afternic, BIN, Hold time 2 y 7 mo

Sale price: $2982, 6 months payment plan

Previous sold by afternic for payment plan also, 5th month defaulted and then put on SH to sell for higher price. Next day got bought again :) This name must be hot !



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Sold DarkFemme/com $2025 via BB - Handreg from 2022
sold about a week ago

Dynadot Marketplace
Registered on drop
(thanks ExpiredDomains!)
Hold time 6 months

Rationale: I broke my personal guideline to not acquire terms I am not familiar with. When this came up on my ExpiredDomains filters I Googled term, and found adjective that means 'playful', which I liked. I saw 180 active listings on OpenCorporates, and that was enough justification for me.

The name was listed on all of the standard marketplaces. The lander was at Dan. It sold on Dynadot Marketplace where I had it priced $50 less than the other marketplaces. 10% commission, but I used it for future Dynadot purchases so you get 2% bonus making it like 8%.

The sale is verified and listed on NameBio.
o . af
Sales price: $4,000
Venue: ROTD live auction
Purchase price: $1,200
Purchase venue: dan
Hold time: ~7 months
Yup, another SALE :)
$100 - Small but profitable.

Have a bunch of .net in my portfolio and the .net pack is proving to be profitable.

Glad that nobody bough it from $12 bargain bin. Also, a similar domain is on NP Auction right now (refer signature).


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Domain Name:

Sale venue: Dan
Sale price: $6,995
Purchase venue: Docky
Purchase price: $99
Hold Time: 4+ months


Domain Name:

Sale venue: Dan
Sale price: $6,995
Purchase venue: GoDaddy
Purchase price: $25
Hold Time: 27 days
Sold StreetChef and ShadyGrove in dot org for $150 bin each at afternic
have a 5fig pending broker sale but its starting to look meantime this is most welcome sale money as I've been paying more to renew than sales profit over last couple... I rarely reg xyz cause they rarely sell and even my top and old xyz names only handful like fido hoodie bikinis and few more dont get sales and offers... but at 1$ reg sometimes I take chances... glad to get this done... it wouldn't even make renewals this year.. so lucky me lol

bodis and dan add lead...1yr reg no outbound
Sold today. Was On Hold for several hours.

Registered in November 2023.

This domain was listed on Atom Premium Marketplace but the sale came through Afternic platform
Sale Venue: Afternic
Hold Time: 11+ Months
Hand Registered
The sale is verified and listed on NameBio.
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