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discuss Reliable Marketplaces Needed: Affordable Options for Digital Asset Transactions

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Alternatives Needed: Secure Options for Buying & Selling Domains, Startups & Apps (Budget-Conscious)

I'm reaching out to this esteemed community to gain valuable insights regarding secure and reliable marketplaces for buying and selling digital assets. My focus is primarily on finding options suitable for low-budget projects.

The types of assets I'm interested in include:
  • Domain Names
  • Startup Businesses
  • E-commerce Stores (Shopify, Amazon FBA)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Established Blogs
  • Social Media Accounts (large followings)
  • Newsletters (engaged subscriber base)
  • Other online businesses or digital assets
Ideally, the platform would offer the following features for both buyers and sellers:
  • Browsing: The ability to search listings based on relevant criteria like category, revenue, and other filters.
  • Due Diligence: Access to financial data and website traffic information for informed decision-making.
  • Financing: Connections with third-party brokers and financing options to facilitate purchases.
  • Selling: The ability to list digital assets for sale.
  • Valuation: Tools or resources for sellers to obtain free valuations.
  • Speed: Options for a quicker sales process, potentially including auctions.
The Challenge:
Unfortunately, my experience with Flippa hasn't been positive. They seem to suspend or terminate user accounts without clear explanations or an appeal process. This lack of transparency raises concerns about platform security and professionalism, especially since there doesn't seem to be a way to reach them as they block emails.

The Ask:
I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for alternative marketplaces that meet the criteria mentioned above, particularly those catering to budget-friendly digital asset transactions.
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