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What procedure do they use to classify domains in searches?
it's strange, I view that they are not always sorted by exact search name.

When I write a word to search, not all extension on sale with the exact name are the first ones appear in some cases have other "options" in the search results better positioned than exact name I searching.

how do they know the relevance of a domain?
It can affect to be better positioned using the landings page of the platforms and not personal ?
some other thing?

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Well, this is the question best to ask Sedo directly (if they will ever bother to reply), but my guess is the following: the word ''taxi'' is taken in 326 extensions, and obviously they don't want the people scroll thru the huge list of tld, because they know - majority would rather go for for nice and short 2-words in dot com space. So, they show 5-10 most popular tlds, and then cut to the best options for dot com. I don't think the lander with Sedo will help you much in this sense (however, again, you may want to double check with them and then try).
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Searches use keyword related to value and volume i have off topic
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