People who have successfully sold $25K+ domains via sedo/afternic care to share the process?

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    People who have successfully sold domains for over $25K+ via Sedo/afternic or direct to customer care to share the process of the negotiation process from first inquiry and offer to close? Would be helpful if we also openly discuss various offers and negotiations done with Sedo/afternic/Uniregistry etc. other Senior Account Manager or Senior domain brokers.
    It would be great if we build up a list as:
    First inquiry by: for Amount with tone: "firm offer, or no room to negotiate etc.)
    What was your BIN price and minimum offer was it listed on the domain?
    What did they offer? What tone did they use? was it a broker or direct client?
    Your response/ or no response?
    How many months did it take to close?
    What was the general gist of the negotiation
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