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advice Owner just asked "How much", Advice For Pricing



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I did some outbound and had an owner of a "tech" company ask me what domains I had.

I initially just said I have a nice selection of premium domains for your industry if you're intsd.

He replied asking what I have.

After sending him a good list he got back to me saying that he likes Automation Leaders dot C. (Yesterday)

(I also have the .net and .co for brand protection.)

Today, he just messaged me "how much".

I've looked at the comps like technologyLeaders/com $3,338,
AviationLeaders/com $2,388 etc as well as sales history with Automation starting the name.

Automation is HUGE right now with AI and RPA, I just don't want to kick myself in 6 months, same old story as everyone elses post like this i guess. Any feedback appreciated on how much you'd ask for. It's a veteran owned company, 14 employees, not a huge company. @Rob Monster
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