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Owner of Alexa top site does not know how to own a domain name !?

Labeled as discuss in Domain Selling and Domain Sales started by gotasale, Jan 8, 2019.


  1. gotasale

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    I have a five letter domain named for example hokli.com which gets some traffic from hoklimobile.com

    Hoklimobile.com ranked globally 300k at Alexa and 270 at a big country
    They are selling mobile and accessories online

    I tried to contact the owner, he asked for price , I offered 1500 , he offered me 800$ and I accepted

    He asked me how he gets the name and how the one owns a domain name and how he controls it !

    How come someone owns big website selling online does not know about domains

    He owns many stores as well in this country

    I am now explaining to him as he never heard of domains before !!
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  2. creataweb

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    Maybe he has an IT guy doing it? Weird.
  3. Riz M.

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    Its not big deal...
    i had online 4 different stores when i was not in domaining i was doing monthly marketing of 10k usd on that stores and all stores had good ranks in alexa but i even didnt know that domain business actually exist...
    and didnt know actually how to transfer domains i hired guy for this all work at that time..
    so it happen all the time

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