advice Domain pricing advice is needed


I'm currently close to the final part of negotiations as a two word .com domain seller at Dan.com. The price has currently settled down in the lower-medium $xx,xxx range, the other party (the owner of the same phrase in the country level extension) hasn't accepted it yet and wants to confirm it with his partners over the weekend, so no binding obligations yet.

The issue is that although that's quite a good chunk of money, I've got some feeling that I might be leaving even more on the table. At the same time, I understand that I could be biased as the long-term owner of this domain.

So I would be glad to hear another professional opinion and get advice from someone with the solid sales background in the mentioned and the higher ranges - and thus attempt to figure out whether my concerns make sense. I typically don't share my sales, and obviously negotiations that might be still in progress; so I cannot post the name here. How should I better proceed with this? Maybe I could ask some experienced members (and I know there many of them here), to PM me and share opinion regarding the name in question and its perspectives?


P.S. I would just ask not to PM me with the single purpose to ask 'What is the name?'. Thank you for understanding.
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