Outbound Marketing Email Best Addressed To in Corporates

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When sending an outbound marketing email to a corporate, whom should it be addressed to

  1. CEO Email ID

  2. Marketing / Sales Head Email ID

  3. Email ID provided on website (eg: [email protected])

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  1. Vimal Kumar

    Vimal Kumar

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    Hi All,

    Based on your experience, I am curious to know what has worked better while sending outbound emails to corporates;

    - Sending email directly to the CEO or, to the Marketing/ Sales head or, to the contact email ID provided explicitly on the websited ( eg: [email protected], [email protected], etc)

    Which has yielded a better response rate.
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  2. Joe Nichols

    Joe Nichols Common sense consultant VIP

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    It's between either your first or second options, but it really depends on company size. At smaller companies, decisions pretty much all run through the CEO, so going directly to them is often best. Plus they may not even have a marketing officer.

    For bigger companies, the marketing director/VP is usually the one making the final decision on domain purchases because they have a budget to spend. For really huge companies, the chief marketing officer may not even have time (or might not be bothered) to look at your email, so it could be worthwhile contacting a few mid-level marketing managers. One of them may act as your "inside salesman".

    Contacting the info email provided on the website should be an absolute last resort. They get handled and filtered by admin people, so your emails are very unlikely to make it through to anyone that matters.
  3. Tshombe

    Tshombe Top Contributor VIP

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    Everytime I got a response from my outbounds it has either been from the CEO/President of the company. I don't think I have ever got any response back from the info-emails on the websites except for the automated emails.
  4. Vimal Kumar

    Vimal Kumar

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    Joe, this sounds to be a logical way to approach. Infact, a highly recommended approach from a marketing strategy book. However, when you think about it, the product we are selling are domain names which, has an impact on the overall branding of the firm. Thus, while the Marketing Head might have the budget to acquire, he might still need the CEO/ President approval/ buy-in for this as it impacts the entire firm. So, in that case, does it really make sense to approach marketing head or go directly to CEO/ President.
  5. siravi

    siravi Established Member

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    yes, Email marketing is the best one.

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