“on hold” domains disappear from your GoDaddy account

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"Here’s what happened. When a domain goes “on hold” at Afternic and the domain is at GoDaddy, it is moved out of your GoDaddy account into a special account."
"But when the domain requires a manual transfer, the domain is no longer in your account. You have to ask for it to be pushed back into your account."

I've seen so many people complaining about domains being put on hold at Afternic for no reason, imagine them disappearing from your Godaddy account! "Imagine" you don't renew, you lose them, Godaddy sells them and keeps 100%. Nice business model! Just "imagine", ofc.

Plus: No domains, at any registrar, should be "moved" from you account without an email to log and inform you! Ever!
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Why would a domain at GD require manual transfer? Maybe when it wouldn't have fast transfer activated but in that case, why would GD do anything with the domain if it sells on an unconnected platform? Seems like a bug somewhere.
"why would GD do anything with the domain"
That is the issue, it shouldn't. I don't want bugs / features like those touching my assets without permission and especially without informing me.
GoDaddy knows about it. I've expressed concern and disappointment with this. The domain becomes invisible to the registrant during this phase without notice of any kind.

I believe it is simply to lock down the domain while there is the potential sale via Afternic. It's a heavy-handed and crude method. I agree that they should notify by email at the very least. Easier not to do so I suppose.