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advice Negotiation Tips for Sedo Offer

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Received an offer on a the plural .com of a category defining name for a consumer electronics product.
Think, or but for a more niche form factor.
The singular .AT for this name sold for over $23K a couple years back.

The offer was from a German Sedo account that was just created this month. They opened with 150 EUR.

I am thinking of countering, justifying my price as a percentage of some comparable sales.

What negotiation tricks do you guys use to get the most out of Sedo nowadays?
I have no idea if it's an end user or a reseller.
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just reply with the amount you want, and be prepared for them to either counter-offer, or walk
Point them to the .AT sale for $23K and tell them that you expect offers in this range.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Ultimately it was a lowball offer. The buyer responded to my counter with his opening offer. I closed the negotiation. +1 for my Sedo bid count though.
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