Namesilo - greedy scammers!

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Sold domains via namesilo marketplace. Waited 1 week to be able to withdraw funds. Then waited another 10 days for funds to be received. In reality they didn't not process the withdrawl. After contacting support they finally send funds. So they didn't want to part with my money. Received 5% less than was sent. Namesilo explained that they sent the full amount and paid all fees for wire transfer. In reality they sent payment with an option that fees are not paid and they should be charged along the way. The amount at stake is $63.16.
After uncovering this support stopped responding to my inquiries.
Then they decided to compensate me via PayPal. I told them that I do not use PayPal and wait for payment via wire. After a while they said that they owe nothing to me.
Next day they began sending threats to me to make me remove my reviews about them.
All responses from the company email (support) were without any name, with grammatical and factual errors, written in very angry tone.
This company is public and mislead customers in their advertising and communication.
I’ve never experienced anything similar from any company in my life!
Stay away from these scam artists!
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Agree with this one. I have bad experience with Namesilo as well
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