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The other namecheap coupon codes expired (bestvalue, evenlower and save7933), so I had to search for new ones. It wasn't easy, but here they are. Tested and working:

Yaffaspecial - $0.90 off registration and renewal

MORE4LESS - $0.89 off .com registration

Hope you like it.


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Wasn't Yaffaspecial a coupon made for reg-fee.com?


Aug.3.2006 | Namecheap

Coupon Code: Yaffaspecial
Expiration: Unknown
Discount: $0.90 off registration and renewal
Offer Link: Namecheap.com
Aug.3.2006 | Namecheap

Coupon Code: MORE4LESS
Expiration: Unknown
Discount: $0.89 off .com registration
Offer Link: Namecheap.com

The rep and NP$ should be going to CriminalOrigins, the owner of reg-fee.com
JYM said:
Dncoupons.com stole it from reg-fee.com...

Poor CriminalOrigins...
To set things straight, we did not copy the YAFFASPECIAL coupon code from Reg-Fee.com, rather we got the information from the OP. We did not become the leaders in providing domain coupon codes by following the pack.

JYM, you've made a bit of an unfair statement. Please have a more open mind before rushing to make accusations in a public forum. Next time you suspect someone of blatant copying, I'd recommend to alert the original site owner of the problem and they can handle it themselves.


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Yaffaspecial isn't working for me anymore today, the system recognized the coupon but didn't apply the discount. But I tried MORE4LESS and it still works!
Hmmm, must have been a temporary glitch as I successfully used "Yaffaspecial" to reg a dn 5 minutes ago.
Zilla said:
anyone there? same question, more4less already expire while yaffaspecial not work for transfer...

anyone can help??

I emailed namecheap and they gave me a personal coupon code on my account to use for transfers. I suggest you can do the same. Odd.
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