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  1. X7 Ryan

    X7 Ryan Owner, X7 Media

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    Interested in any feedback anyone has. Just received an offer today from the Epik Marketplace/Lander for one of my names. Its a phrase name that is somewhat applicable to the time I feel. The offer did not include an amount or even a message. The name and phone number clearly fake. The email has 0 Google results if I search for it, or just the part before the @. And the IP is part of a block of Cloudfalre IPs.

    I emailed the address in the offer (didn't bounce back so the email is legit) and suggested we discuss this on the phone.

    What are your thoughts? Wondering if this is legit offer from some big buyer not trying to let on who they are or some attempt to harvest email addresses for spam or if they will reply back with some scam like asking for an appraisal.
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  2. Pazu

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    I’d think bot or domainer most likely, also a broker for a big fish is a possibility. Hunters best know how to cover tracks.
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  3. golan

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    Tons of fake offers on Epik. But i don't blame the platform, they just redirect to you anything that anyone writes on your lander, unlike other marketplaces. Lots of benefits in this approach, but the downside is these tons of spam.
  4. Debasis

    Debasis Established Member

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    I think it could be a big fish otherwise take it as spam.because there are so many spams around internet.
  5. xynames

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    I have never received a legitimate offer where the Contact Us form was not properly filled out.
  6. Silentptnr

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    Most likely not a valid offer.
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  7. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Contributor VIP

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    So, I assume there is no minimum offer set?

    I now use 100 or 500 for my min settings at Epik to weed out tire kickers and bot spammers. I would not waste time trying to get more info from the person...just determine what you want for the name and tell them the price is not negotiable and that you've set a BIN at that number for a limited time.
  8. X7 Ryan

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    Ya I don't use minimum offers because I figured even a low ball offer shows me I'm not the only one who likes the name and I should renew it. Where if I set a high minimum offer I won't be bothered with low ballers, but I figure I'd rather know there is interest (even a low ball offer) that I can just reject and not waste my time with but know I'm not the only one who saw something in the name.

    No response though to my email now 4 days later, so I'm guessing its just spam. I might just try making a formal counter offer though Epik and see if that gets a response where my direct email hasn't but for now I'm leaning towards it not being legit.

    Though to be honest I don't get the point of it. It would be one thing if the comment had some sort of spam like I can build you a website or something. But this is just weird, I don't get the motivation for someone to do this.

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