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Hey all figured with the recent .io 6 figure sale and the nice .xyz sale by a follow NP member. We should open a showcase and discussion thread here.

Metaverse is a fast growing keyword, term and niche! Let's share and discuss our name and news.

I've only got One to start with but its a GOOD one my favorite ending keyword on most names.


Welcome! :)


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Just saying "it is not good" would have sufficed.

but thanks anyways

Say it out loud to your self as if you were saying it in a pitch to a very important business figure who is taking time from his precious schedule to hear you out.

"Advertisings"... The S at the end sounds terrible... It's not just that it's incorrect but it doesn't roll off of the tongue well. You have to take domain investing seriously, so using this test to help in your assessment can help.

Good strategy!
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value-chain of the metaverse model

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In regards to meta domains selling for mid xxx,xxx + it's not a matter of if but when. NFTs are selling at those ranges because sellers are demanding and pricing there assets at such prices. If you have premium realestate, demand it's worth. This is an opportunity like non other. Don't sell yourselves short if you have premium names. For a domain can do for a business... they are extremely undervalued compared to nfts.

I don't think some realize just how big the digitization of the real world into the this metaverse is going to be..

No one is going to give you xxx,xxx plus if you don't demand it. I'm aiming high. I've already had an angel investor inquire on two names in my portfolio. Ride the wave!

Just my opinion

Agree that there is a big market for it and not only for Meta but all things relevant such as AR VR XR Immersive (top keywords more chances of course) and that sellers will dictate the sale prices.
I correct spellings of anything are usually not popular.

Correct plurals often sell though, even though the singulars are more popular for branding in most situations.

I own MV+Avatar dot king and didn't reg the plural when it was available. The owner of the plural currently has his version up for $500k. Not regging the plural can cost you lol...... But incorrect plurals, not so much...
I own brandable versions in .com MVatar+MVatars

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Surprised we haven't seen meta+LL sale. Anyone? I actually prefer LL to +L (prefix/suffix) for this term. No junk letters, ofc.

There are many unreported sales happening and domains are changing hands.
Not every sale is being reported as @Rhinnnn pointed out.
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