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Hey all figured with the recent .io 6 figure sale and the nice .xyz sale by a follow NP member. We should open a showcase and discussion thread here.

Metaverse is a fast growing keyword, term and niche! Let's share and discuss our name and news.

I've only got One to start with but its a GOOD one my favorite ending keyword on most names.


Welcome! :)

Meta Dating ./net
Sale venue:
Sold Price: $35,000
Listing type: Make Offer
Purchased Price:
Hold Time: 14 days
Date Purchased: 2021-10-04
Sale Completed: 2021-10-20

Details: I acquired this name while diversifying my mostly .com meta portfolio. Figured why not. Cheap buy. Buyer came with an initial offer of $20K. I countered and we settled on $35K.

Meta+Keyword continues to outperform! Hot niche and still very much in it's infancy!

no further details.

Happy hunting!
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Just sold 2 meta domains.


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Meta FB./net
Sale venue:
Sold Price: $30,000
Listing type:
Make Offer
Purchased Price: $5.90 handreg
Hold Time: 38 days
Date Purchased: 09-17-2021
Sale Completed: 10-25-2021

Details: I handregged this name right after I had sold the exact Meta FB .com hoping lightning would strike twice and it sure did. The buyer made an initial offer via Sedo of $30K, he left his email in the comments and wanted to negotiate for the name which seemed weird. Seemed like a scam to me so I just clicked accept just in case before the weekend and forgot about it and didn't expect the sale to go through at all... low and behold yesterday I get an email from Sedo that they had secured the buyer's funds.

Strange times!

As for the buyer, it is not the same one who acquired the .com.

Hot niche and still very much in it's infancy!

no further details.

Happy hunting!

Meta .
Club ./com

Just landed in my account an hour ago. When the world gives you top money for a .net... take the money and reinvest in premium .com whether it's Meta or otherwise! It wasn't cheap but very happy with this acquisition!
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Meta XR. com
Sale venue: Sedo
Listing type: Make Offer
BIN Price: $60,000
Purchased Price:
Date Purchased: 02/14/2017
Sale Completed: 10/15/2021

Details: I hand registered this domain back in 2017 as I was building my XR portfolio with offers coming in in recent weeks. I turned down $2k and $5k offers via email. I received an initial offer of $40,000 via Sedo. I countered $75,000. I didn't hear anything back for 2 days so I enlisted the help of Sedo domain brokerage. They accepted my application. They took over negotiations whereby I had set the lowest I was willing to take was $55,000 and they got me $60,000 the very next day. So I am happy with the sell. I knew who the buyer was and could have gotten much more down the line but with my economics background time value of money is important lol especially in a hot and fast moving niche like meta and there were many new Meta+keyword .coms I wanted to acquire and have acquired.... no further details.

Short meta+ domains continue to outperform! Best of luck everyone!
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Domain: Meta/FB. com
Sale venue: Sedo
Listing type: Buy-It-Now
BIN Price: $30,000
Price after Fee: $27,000
Purchased Price: $8.47
Date Purchased: 7/30/2021
Sale Completed: 9/17/2021
Details: Hold time, a month and a half. I hand regged like 10 Meta+LL.com domains because I have a good history of selling these types of names in the past and well, short domains sells. Also, for those following the Metaverse names, I noticed there was a buy out happening for LL+Verse.com domains (all gone now) and when I checked Meta+LL.com I saw a buy out happening there too so I acquired a few. The name was parked with DAN and the very day I switched it back to Sedo, someone acquired it overnight. So some luck in that department. It was a nice sale to wake up to. The only information I have on the possible buyer is that they had to pay VAT from France from what I saw in the transfer document.

Good luck guys. Exciting time for those invested in the Metaverse niche as well as XR, VR, AR, Avatar, and Spatial!
I just got an email. I should be able to post another big sale soon. I didn't think this one was going to go through.

While you spend time discussing other peoples' and companies' money and how they choose to invest it, I'm going to stay pricing my domains as aggressively as possible because their are clearly entities out there where $50K on a .net and much higher on .com is a walk in the park for them. I wish I could share some sales with you guys to elucidate on the topic.

One thing I agree on is that this gravy train isn't going to last forever, but in the mean time... this is a rare opportunity. No need to overthink it.

So cheers! Happy hunting everyone. Stay aggressive.
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I know metaverse.agency goes very low price.

but circumstances demanded it and I am happy with my trade.

I was offered as much money as I needed urgently and I accepted the offer because I was not in love with


Thank you for your interest.
Congratulations to the buyer.

You don't need to listen to people on a forum who don't know your circumstances. You don't need to explain yourself. They're so bullish on the name Where was their offer for the name? Do what's best for you and your family. I've sold very cheap before for funds for personal stuff or to reinvest quickly.

I'm very happy for you and your decision.
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Every day I read the news about the metaverse I see more and more big companies accepting the fact that this space is going to be massive and essentially engulf everything. They are rushing and pivoting investment into the space at unparallel speed and fury. The end goal is a digitization of everything into the singular Metaverse.

When it comes to domains.... value will only increase as top names become more scarce then the trickle down effect to mid-range names, cctlds and gtlds. I've already turned down 2 low xxx,xxx offers on my names. Sky is the limit and keep reaching high friends. Metaverse is going to change many lives of Creators, Domainers, and general Investors in this space.

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Very exciting times.

This is all about supply and demand now.

First phase was domain investors and end users buying whatever is available +many that have money buying with being educated

Glad to see some big sales and some people getting big money so early, its fun to watch!

As supply shrinking and demand will keep growing, its important to keep prices high as this is going to be the biggest playground ever built so tons of money in it
Dont think small, you got the keys, domain investors need to stop being afraid.

When you sell a top name, just think of how much money this name is going to generate to the new owner.

Ask and you shall recieve (in time)

Top grossing Sales and offers will come mainly for the top names so try to aquire at least one if you can and hold it.

(exceptions are always there but they are more user oriented and not market)
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