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    General Rules
    1. What is spam?
    a. Spam can come in the form of including affiliate links, referral links, adult link and links to parked pages.
    b. Advertising is considered spam unless it is in the Marketplace, General Advertising Forum or in your signature provided it follows the guidelines of those sections and signature rules.
    c. Posts that serve no purpose other than increasing your post count is considered spam as well. An example of this would be a user asking a question and you replying with an answer of “I don’t know”.
    d. Very short posts that do not add value to the topic may also be considered as spam and removed.
    e. Spam can also be considered linking to your own material; or own owned external website, rather than explain to the original poster your opinion. These links are treated as a case by case basis.
    f. Soliciting services, products, offers, bids, or requests via direct messaging, thread posts, or profile posts.
    g. Before you click the reply button, ensure that you understand what (a) to (f) mean in order to avoid negative repercussions for spamming the forum.
    2. What is professionalism and tact?
    a. All staff members adhere to conducting oneself in a tactful manner and we ask of you to do the same. Please try to post in a manner in which all members are able to understand in order to reduce confusion amongst the topic at hand.
    b. This extends beyond just comments and applies to your avatar, signature, direct messages, profile posts, etc.
    3. What is considered profane?
    a. Abuse of profanity which includes sexual remarks towards someone or a group in general. This may also come in the form of images and videos as well.
    b. Offensive and off topic posts that are made in order to start an issue will be removed.
    4. How can I avoid breaking intellectual property laws?
    a. Use best judgement when copy/pasting in a post that doesn’t belong to you. When in doubt, cite where you retrieved the material if your post consists of someone else’s idea.
    b. Intellectual property applies to writings, pictures, video, music, and even code.
    c. Intellectual property is categorized by: copyrights, trademarks, design rights, and patents.
    5. What crosses the lines regarding topics about how the forum is ran?
    a. Attacking; or personal attacks, against staff members due to enforcing the rules are not tolerated.
    b. Discussing activity on why a thread or post was removed with quoting it prior to bringing it to staffs attention is also considered against the rules.
    6. How can unwanted drama be avoided?
    a. Do not attempt to derail a topic in order to make your point when the original topic is about apples and you’re speaking of oranges.
    b. Trolling a thread; or posting unnecessary and unwanted posts, can also prevent unwanted drama and personal attacks.
    c. Examples of such drama causing posts include, but aren’t limited to: “Whatever, I still think dotABC is better than dotWhatever, despite what you say” in a dotABC discussion thread, pictures or memes that may be offensive in reply to others or proclaiming that you’re leaving NamePros and wish to have your account and posts deleted immediately.
    7. Why is adult content prohibited?
    a. Adult content is prohibited to be published publicly as this is a professional forum. However, you may post your domains and websites for sale in the appropriate adult section.
    8. How come threatening, attacking and instigating other members is against the rules?
    a. While we do allow members to have heated debates about certain topics, it is believed that nobody should ever cross the line into threats, attacks or instigating the debate further.
    9. What is the reason we cannot engage in or promote illegal activities?
    a. This is not the forum or the place to participate in fraudulent activities.
    10. How is the feedback system supposed to be used?
    a. The feedback system is put in place to show authority of our members by the means of a point system by a positive (+1), negative (-1) or neutral (0) review, which are also displayed in percentiles, from transactions dealt with a monetary or service related exchanges between members of NamePros and facilitated on NamePros.
    b. Any other use of this system, to include a preemptive attack on another member, will be regarded as misuse. In addition to that, it may fall under other rules of NamePros and one could receive a harsher punishment. As an example, if you are leaving feedback to instigate another member, you are breaking General Rule 1.8 as well.
    11. What happens if I don't state the currency when referring to money?
    a. All discussions involving monetary amounts without a specific currency will be in USD by default.
    12. When am I liable for transactions, services or products?
    a. Sellers and re-sellers are fully liable for all direct and 3rd party sales, services or products.
    b. Buyers are responsible for performing their own due diligence on direct and 3rd party sales, services or products.
    c. Any parties involved with the sale, service, or product, absolve NamePros of any liability and damages.
    13. What does “consolidating my threads” mean?
    a. Instead of creating new threads with new information, update/edit your old one where necessary or possible. Combine your threads if you currently have more than one in a single forum.
    b. This is to reduce the amount of threads created by you that may draw attention away from other members’ threads.
    c. In most forums you are required to consolidate your threads. Examples of this are consolidating your domains for sale into a single thread or combining your appraisals needed into one thread.
    d. Consolidating multiple domain auctions into one thread is mandatory in the Top Domains area.
    14. What posts are considered relevant to a thread’s topic?
    a. Asking questions that are related to the topic like “is there any traffic with the domain?” or “Can you prove any revenue?”
    b. Emojis, “DM sent,” “Thanks,” etc. are not acceptable comments and will be considered post padding except in select sub-forums like Domain Name Requests.
    c. Answering questions is allowed if both the answer and question are relevant to the thread.
    15. What does posting in the appropriate place entail?
    a. Familiarize yourself with the differing threads and forums and post in the correct one.
    b. For example, do not post an appraisal request in the Short Domain Discussion. Instead, post it in the Domain Appraisal section of the Free Services forum.
    c. All adult related posts must be within the appropriate adult sub-forum.
    16. What happens if I create more than one account?
    a. NamePros has the ability to detect members with multiple accounts. If you create multiple accounts, NamePros will promptly close all of them without warning unless they are Gold Accounts and all of your accounts are in good standing. You may also jeopardize losing your primary account if you create disallowed accounts.
    b. Placeholder.
    c. If you wish to have a second account dedicated to your business, you may create a new account and immediately upgrade it to a Gold Account.
    17. What are some of the common fraudulent activities and violations of other sites’ Terms of Use?
    a. This can include selling, buying or renting of parking accounts, engaging in click-fraud, general “black-hat” services, providing incentives for social media likes, upvotes, submissions, etc.
    c. NamePros prohibit these acts and will immediately remove your account and alert the violated site if necessary.
    18. Do rules apply when I don’t see them in certain areas of NamePros?
    a. Official rules are enforced in all forums and sections of NamePros, regardless of where or if they’re displayed.
    19. Why do I have to post a domain name in the title of my thread regarding domains?
    a. Having a domain title in the thread allows members to know exactly what they are looking for without ambiguity in what they may be clicking on to see.
    b. This includes threads that sell, donate, appraise, request, advertise and generally list any domains.
    c. Although one domain in title is required, you may post more if you see fit, meets length requirements and exemplifies your portfolio more.
    20. Where can brokers request domains on behalf of a client?
    a. Brokers looking to buy domains may only post their request in the Domain Brokers and Financiers forum.
    21. Why can’t I point to my signature in my post for more information or include my signature in my post?
    a. You are allowed to have affiliate links in your portfolio, but do not point those out in a relevant post.
    b. An example of this would have a GoDaddy affiliate link in your signature, posting a promo code in the appropriate thread and instructing others to see your signature for it to work. It is unethical practice and on top of that, spam.
    c. Including your signature in your post/s is redundant (duplicate content), can come across as spam, and it's unnecessary. There is a Signature feature for this purpose, and it allows you to easily update your signature in a single place that will apply to all of your posts (both past and future).
    22. Why must I accompany claims of traffic or revenue with a screenshot?
    a. Posting screenshots at the onset of a claim streamlines the transparency and some due diligence process.
    b. Screenshots must be provided in the thread at time of posting.
    c. All screenshots must have the domain or website clearly visible.
    d. Threads claiming traffic without screenshots will be deleted.
    e. Help protect yourself from screenshot manipulation with these tips.
    23. What doesn't qualify as a transaction for trader ratings?
    a. Exchanging trader ratings as a form of currency for services, favors or items.
    b. Remember that trader ratings should both reflect the facts of the transaction and how it was carried out. A negative rating can still be issued if a party takes too long to act or tries to renege on a deal, but still follows through. The review comments themselves should express the short facts of the transaction. If someone refuses to complete a transaction and then follows through, all of this should be stated.
    24. Do rules apply when I don’t see them in certain areas of the Adult and Insiders Club sections?
    a. Official Rules are enforced in all forums and sections of NamePros, regardless of where or if they’re displayed.
    25. Why can't I leave out information and refer users to message me for the rest of the information?
    a. We would like to keep conversations as publicly transparent as possible.
    26. Can I appeal a NamePros decision?
    a. If you have problems with a moderator or feel you have been treated unfairly, please contact a NamePros Administrator through the Contact NamePros Management area.
    27. Why do I have to be an authorized broker?
    a. This reinforces the validity of your skill set and filters out the brokers without appropriate experience or right to make decisions on behalf of a client when selling their domain, website, code, etc.
    28. Where can I not duplicate NamePros content, even with citation?
    a. On any other forums.
    29. Where can't I promote another domain forum?
    a. You may not promote, advertise, or market another domain forum anywhere on the site. This includes, but is not limited to comments, posts, signatures, avatars, and ads.
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.

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