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Free Resources FAQ
1. Available Domain Names
a. Why do I have to post a domain name in the title if they are in a niche?
i. This better serves to community to gauge domains posted before they enter a thread.
b. What is at-cost pricing?
i. At-cost pricing would be what any registrar would charge for the domain. As an example, at-cost pricing would be $2.17 using a $1.99 GoDaddy coupon, which includes the 0.18 cent ICANN fee.
2. Expired Domains and Expiring Domains
a. See questions and answers under Available Domain Names 1(a)-1(d) as well as any other marketplace and general rule.
3. Free Domain Name
a. If I’m giving away domains, why do I have to include a domain name in the title?
i. This keeps NamePros organized and separates domains that some investors may not want to see, such as new gTLD’s over .com or .net lists.
b. What is a hidden cost or attached fee?
i. An example of a hidden cost or attached fee may be the redemption fee of $80 if the member wants the domain. It must be absolutely free.
c. Why do I have to own the domain names I’m giving away if they’re free?
i. If they’re free to register of course, you should be using the Expired Domains and Expiring Domains sub-forum instead.
ii. All other inquiries can be made to staff members.
d. Why can’t I run a contest for a domain name?
i. Ultimately, a contest costs time to participate in. Therefore it is not a free domain name. One must invest some sort of time in order to gain the domain name.
4. Legal Discussion
a. All discussion and marketplace rules apply.
b. Where can I go to find legitimate answers for my legal questions?
i. Do not treat the Private Legal Discussion as legal advice. Instead, seek professional advice from a licensed expert. You may start by reviewing the Recommended Lawyers for Domain Name Issues thread.
5. Reviews
a. If I am a providing a new service, why can’t I ask for reviews?
i. You should only post your product or service in the permitted advertising sections pursuant to rule 3.1.
6. Webmaster Tutorials
a. What is considered helpful information?
i. Any code snippet that may help someone overcome a feat that is not easily found. This could be a WordPress line or two that configures their settings correctly to full step by step tutorials on other webmaster related topics. Even small tips help others.
ii. Tutorial writing services, tutorial requests, free items, and other similar threads should not be posted here.
b. General discussion and marketplace rules apply.
i. Outside tutorials may be copied here if you have the right to copy it and cite its source properly pursuant to General rule 1.4.
7. More Free Stuff
a. Can I post something owned by someone else?
i. You may post other items not belonging to yourself if you include the licence as an attached text or easily attainable link to see if it has correct licensing to give away.
b. Why can’t I give away an AdWords code?
i. This code was provided for your use only and it is your code to use.
c. Why can't I post a free template for download?
i. To protect the integrity of NamePros and eliminate copyright infringement complaints, no theme shall be posted on the forum.
d. What are all of the Source Code section rules?
i. Create descriptive thread titles that include your questions or problems.
The more descriptive you are, the better the chances it will be read. If you have a problem and you concisely describe it, someone will be able to help you.
ii. Include code and use appropriate code tags to expedite the process of resolving your problem. Only include code that is relevant to your problem. You may also link to the page/script for brevity.
iii. Any parties involved with the sale, service, or product, absolve NamePros of any liability and damages.
iv. Sales items, coding sites, sharing code snippets, requesting pre-made scripts or services don't belong in the Source Code section.
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