question Looking for safer and less troublesome way to receive domain payment of XXXXX in India.

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Hello namepros,

Hope things are great on your end.

I am based in India and have been in domaining since 2017. Unfortunately it has been around two years since I made my last sale despite having a decent inventory ( in my opinion of course ) . I have sold domains in the past for up to higher XXXX and I received these payments in my paypal. In my experience, First the platform ( example afternic and sedo ) holds the payment for a few days and then paypal and then my bank holds the payment for a week or so. I don't remember it well but I had to fill up some kind of form for the bank stating the reason of the inward remittance and blah blah. I mean to say that I have always experienced unnecessary delays, issues and deductions every time it was higher XXXX.

Now, I have recently made a sale on afternic for low-mid XXXXX. So I am expecting a lot of troubles. There is being a slight delay in the payment but I am sure Afternic will play nice. It is the biggest sale I have made so far and so I am looking for guidance from fellow Indians on how to handle this transaction. Just looking for less troublesome and better ways to receive this payment then getting via PayPal it to our bank. Hopefully some ideas for lesser deductions as well. For any other tips and ideas. Just hoping to benefit from your experience.

Feel free to kindly DM in case of sensitive suggestions.

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