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i am noticing as you may be too that many busineses are preferring to use the county they live in followed by the trade / profession followed by cctld

they are still cheap to buy but at about £15 for two year first purchase domain name (they used to be just £6 for the first two years registration) they were the days - i had about 10 of them but diversified my portfolio to buy more .com

but i am noticing in trade directories etc anxious on vans etc that they look extremely neat and cheap but very effective because they the domain is what potential customers are typing in to Google and these domains get great organic SEO for free

so they are cheap to buy
neat and very very effective

but they are becoming harder to buy as they are all being bought up and sat on
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It's got a bit complicated in the UK , as they have now released the .UK tld.
I know what you mean although for a long time has been the recognised standard

as much as many will opt for .ltd etc as many are ltd companies etc and there is .limited as well so all fun and games

but i still prefer

i prefer my
in etc

and local search is usually preferred and it won't be long before
people start buying .uk .ltd and .limited because has already been bought and not available
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