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sales Just made my first 6-figure sale! (.xyz)



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After lurking on NamePros for the past ~4 years... I've finally made a sale that I'm extremely proud of.

I purchased this seven-letter-keyword .xyz back in the summer of 2019 for ~$300 with the intentions of developing it into a social-network-style website. Hard to believe I was a freshman in college. Fast forward 4 years, and for the past couple months I've been getting tons of offers for it on After doing a little background check on one of the more serious offers I received, I find that this person is a majority owner of a content creator subscription service. They threw a solid offer to begin with, but I politely declined. After waiting a month, I sent one last message saying that I'm still open offers (just higher ones, lol).

No less than 2 hours later, they offered $50,000. I contemplated using the brokerage service that is integrated with, but I opted to negotiate myself because the 20% brokerage fee on top of's 9% transaction fee seems absolutely absurd. I counter with $150,000, and we go back-n-fourth a few times before basically settling in the middle of where we started. Yesterday, it was the 5th highest .xyz sale according to, but I see that Swetha has done it again with the sale of so now my sale is the 6th highest .xyz sale. ;)

I'm unsure about the etiquette of revealing the buyer, domain name, and the exact sale price... but if it's appropriate, I'm happy to share the details.

I'd like to say thanks to the NamPros community for teaching me over the past 4 years, and also to @DNGear for showing everyone the true value of .xyz domain names.

- mjc
Congratulations on your sale and thank you for sharing the inspiring story here.

It sounds like you handled the negotiation very effectively!

I agree with others that it would be great to have it listed on NameBio unless you have a ND agreement. Using the link @karmaco gave above it is an easy process to report. You just give details (name/date/price) along with an attachment of verification (such as pdf of receipt from Dan). Don't report it until the funds have been paid - was not clear if that has happened yet.

Congratulations once more on achieving such domain sales success at such a young age.


PS There is also a thread for reporting sales on NamePros, just in case you were not aware:

A sale of this magnitude deserves its own discussion thread, which you did, as well, of course!
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@alcy no need to be rude, just trying to follow etiquette. I'm happy to share if need be.

nah.. rude is something else..thats just sarcasm haha... well next time just follow common sense. well enjoy the spoils hehe

we have here it seems one huge folio xyz owner..20k names.. at that number as u imaigine its hard to own anything else sellable in xyz... but some of us get lucky now and then .. at.6fig u have to be real lucky..

anyway..all this does.beg question.. how many prem price 1word xyz names are left to reg..maybe be worth a shot..what say u?
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