1. Ocampa
      Hi you said last year was insanely good for you, which marketing place are you using please? As I am a newbie, find it difficult to get or even sell (my first domain). May I know where is your usual buying place & selling place?

      Would appreciate if you could just mention the normal place you go to but do you spend a lot on these domains?

      Thank you so much for your time.
      1. pokainc
        I'll can maybe give you some pointers, but will do in private message which in general would be a better option than writing on the profile page. All good though.
        Feb 25, 2019
    2. kaz2
      Hi, thanks for getting back to me. What do you use for inbound landing pages? I ask as, unless you are buying high traffic generic keyword domains like, I assume there is very little type in or SEO traffic to your landing pages? This is something I have often wondered about (ie using my own landing pages).
    3. kaz2
      Hi pokainc's loved you post about hand regging 99% of your names. How do you sell the brandables you reg and do you reg short 2 word domains.
      1. pokainc likes this.
      2. pokainc
        I register both one word brandables which usually have a "root" word associated to it or 2 keywords ones. Inbound landing pages usually bring in prospects and if the keywords are specific enough , a Google search with those keywords can bring up prospects to contact
        Feb 20, 2016
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