Is the number of monthly searches google important?

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  1. fihri

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    I noticed that a lot of great domains are being sold for or Although the number of monthly searches does not exceed 100.
    how important is the number of monthly searches for you?
    thank you in advance
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  2. gericsb

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    The best I can offer is: maybe not.

    To be more specific, I am regging or have registered domains recently that are the GENERIC PHRASE used by end users that are part of their business strategy or online marketing.

    For example:
    CompanyA Discount Coupons
    CompanyB Discount Coupons
    CompanyC Discount Coupons

    And let's say the phrase 'Discount Coupons' does not get a lot of searches by itself, but is part of hundreds of thousands of 'CompanyX Discount Coupons' searches.

    Not sure if this helps or even if it will turn out to be a profitable strategy....
  3. Future Sensors

    Future Sensors 78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots Gold Account

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    Just some inspiration.

    There are entrepreneurs that invent New Things, New Products, and New Services that do not exist yet. Or are just not well known to the general public. Often, they only exist in some whitepapers and in some labs.

    Current search quantity is not always that important, but you have to envision -with a good probability- where markets are heading and create a gut feeling for how things will -or can- be named in the future. Not all your picks will be successful. For the larger part of my portfolio, my strategy has always been to invest for the long term, and see interest in my domains steadily grow over the years.

    My answer to your question: following this strategy, the current EM search quantity for a particular term is not always that important. I do however look at the number of exact match searches for domains I will be registering or acquiring. It's a combination of many factors.
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  4. lock

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    I have a domain with 500k but still have to rank it number 1 to see all the glory. As many now look at brands it clearly isn't everyones priority.
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  5. du6262

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    Search volume is traffic
    • I think natural traffic s still important.
      • Of course, only good domain names have good natural traffic
  6. equity78

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    Depends on the category of domain name in my opinion.

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