Is it worth buying all your site's .extensions

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  1. Veneris

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    For an upcoming startup which is best advice on owning your domain name, Do you buy all the major extensions for your business domain name example: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc.?
    If you are to buy other .extensions, which ones are the most popular/preferred to own after .com?
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  2. WatchDogue

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    For a website owned by my wife, a " small marketplace mini-niche" website, we acquired the dot com name and all available highly similar variants both singular and plural in the com, net and org.

    We may still have a pair of the once promising dot infos related to the website.

    Maybe we have a dozen domains purchased as such, done specifically to prevent competitors from capitalizing on her success with close domain name variants and to draw in new visitors from variant searches etc.

    So, for what, maybe $150.00 or so a year in renewals we have pretty good control over her successful website by domain name purchase and use.

    NOTE - many names were purchased years ago as hand regs although at least one was a " buy it now" type purchase from an owner who was not an end-user.

    IMO any startup would be wise to acquire the closest related variants to their name to capitalize on searches and to prevent as possible competitors from capitalizing on your business name.

    Names can be a small cost to absorb to enhance one's likelihood of success.
  3. Casey L

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    Unless you're a massive corporation then no. Chances are won't have people slandering it in other extensions so there's no need to make protective registrations

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