I'm watching LLLL.net statistics now

Those of you who know me from years ago may remember that I spent around 2 years monitoring the LLLL.com statistics before the buyout happened. When that happened, many were wondering if there was going to be a LLLL.net buyout. I didn't think that there would be and for the past 15 years, there hasn't been one. After the LLLL.com buyout, we had a drought for many years when LLLL.com were being bought as soon as they were dropped but it was easy to get LLLL.com for under $20. I am not sure of the specifics but I remember it as 5-7 years and there was a lot of pessimism about LLLL.com. Then all of a sudden, there was a surge in Chinese interest in the LLLL.com domain name. This got very high for a while and it settled. From what I am seeing, the LLLL.com's are hovering around $200 in wholesale pricing. This has stood the test of around 15 years and there appears to be a steady market of people who are willing to pay $200+ for LLLL.com.

When I was domaining 15 years ago, the internet was a different place than it was today. It was a lot easier to buy a domain name for $10 and sell it for $50 a few months later. The internet was growing a lot more rapidly and we communicated by text more and photos and video less. These last 15 years, I have mostly kept out of the domain name sphere and I don't interact on Namepros every week like I used to. Namepros was a different place back then as well. There was a lot more action in the short domain section back then.

I have started this post to say that I am preparing for the LLLL.net buyout. I see this as an exciting prospect as I think that having $10 LLLL.net as opposed to $200 LLLL.com is a lot more attractive for many investors. There is quite a lot of available LLLL.net now and so I think that you can burned if you buy too many too early. I believe that there is a strong case for a buyout but I expect that this will involve a lot of planning to work towards. For me personally, I am wanting to develop a #DomainWholesaler to help buyers and sellers buy domain names in bulk at wholesale prices. I believe that I have some unique ideas to help bring more stability in the wholesale market for domain names. I am not advising anyone to buy LLLL.net now. I am starting to network and build relationships to profit from this project.

I see the LLLL.net buyout as the largest change in the short domain name market since the LLLL.com buyout. I think that this is a big event. My recommendation is that this is a time to start watching and talking. I expect that this will probably be influenced by new buyers in the market who don't exist today. I am letting people know that I am starting discussions. I wouldn't start conversations if I didn't think that I could make a lot of money as a #DomainWholesaler. I see there to be 4 main groups interested in the LLLL.net market:

The Small Domain Flippers
The Large Domain Flippers
The Domain Investors
The Domain Service Operators

This is the first time in 15 years that I have said the LLLL.net market is worth watching and talking about. I have been waiting for this time for these last 15 years.
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It's a very different situation from when the .coms were eaten up imho. lll.net would need to be even remotely desirable first which they're not, they go for a few hundred dollars here and there. gTLDs are rife.

What are the stats looking like for llll.net... percentage taken?
Personally, I prefer .co to .net. I only buy domains with the plan for development now and I prefer the higher fees of .co than using .net domains. However, I know there is still a big following for .net and so I am paying attention to .net.

I only do rough sampling to get stats. I don't do full scans. From what I understand, there is around 60% taken. Rough stats are enough for me at this stage. I am a long gamer and I am not in a rush to make quick money.

I am personally very interested in creating a marketplace or working with a marketplace developer that commoditizes domains into categories to help stabilise domain name floor prices. I think that we can attract a lot of new investment into the domain space with this and help raise the value of domains that currently are seen as not worth holding onto. I am interested in LLLL.net, NNNNNN.com & CCCC.com. Between the three, I am estimating that there needs to be around one million unregistered domains to be bought up by investors. I don't expect this to happen in a rush but I see the potential of attracting this investment over time.

I see short domains as the starting place to help establish stronger domain commodization but I see a lot of growth of domain commodization areas outside short domains into other spheres in domaining. When I was involved with domaining years ago, I saw how painful it was when domainers had to liquidate their domains. Lots of domainers lost a lot of money. I hope to be a voice that helps direct bringing more stability and transparency into domaining.

This is why I am saying that I am watching LLLL.net and not advocating buying them. When I was involved with the LLLL.com buyout, there was around 75% registered when I started and it took a couple of years for the buyout to happen. There is more LLLL.net available now then when 25% of LLLL.com were available. I do still see potential in LLLL.net. I find them very interesting.
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am selling a high quality 4 letter net but nobody buys it, we probably miss something.