I own a premium .com domain and I'm looking for a partner.

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Hello there,
My domain name is valheimserver .com

Valheim is a popular game that many people across the world play, maybe even you.

I'm looking for someone willing to build a website, that can be competitive to valheimservers .net

Obviously, valheimserver .com has the potential, it just needs to be a better system.

Overall it's not that complicated and someone with experience might be able to do the whole thing in less than two weeks.
It's just a game server 'topsite'
"Server administrators" should have the option to fill their server data like :
IP, Country, banner etc.
Our system might be able to track how many players their server has online (such PHP libraries already exist on GitHub.

We could sell auction based ad spots, like some of the popular Minecraft lists out there, we could display google ads, if you don't have an AdSense account, I do and I can send your cut through western union, same day.

I can also help with basic website administration, some search engine optimization tips.. etc.

I'm willing to sign a contract that states that we share the revenue 60/40, as 60% would be for you.
If you run a company, you can also include that the profits from this domain will indefinitely be shared as mentioned above, 60/40.
I will sign that. I can not ask 50% as I do realize that in the end of the day you would've done most of the work.
However, I do own that fancy domain, so there goes my 40.

If you are interested, send me a message with your contact details, so we can voice chat and discuss all of that, because there is potential, it's just not something that I'm capable to do on my own and in many occasions it's better not to even try to do it on my own.
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