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1.What are Handles and Subhandles?
Handles and Subhandles are ERC 721/ERC 6551 tokens used on the Rootstock Sidechain and where the handle placeholder gets inscribed on ordinals as a soul bound token. They serve as human-readable addresses for both sending and receiving BTC (Native Bitcoin) and rBTC (Smart Bitcoin). Additionally, they play a crucial role in decentralized social identity for applications such as social media, gaming, and various other platforms. Handles vs. Subhandles:Handles are the top-level identifiers, typically representing entire brands, communities, surnames, or other broad concepts. Owners of these handles have the flexibility to create subhandles at no extra cost. Alternatively, they can activate the subhandle permission toggle, allowing other users to create subhandles under the parent handle. In this case, all fees generated from subhandle creation benefit the parent handle owner.Subhandles, on the other hand, operate within the parent handle's framework and are specifically tailored to be part of subscriptions, promote a sense of community, represent family units, and offer a multitude of other possibilities.
2. How are Handle Fees Calculated?

Handle fees are determined based on the length of the handle or subhandle, with a minimum character length of 1 and a maximum of 18. Please use lowercase letters, digits, hyphens (no consecutive, and they should not be at the beginning or end of the input). Double hyphens are permitted only in punycode (xn--) and a single dot is only permitted when registering a subhandle. The fee is annual and is payable in rBTC (Smart Bitcoin). The cost varies based on the number of characters in your handle, with yearly registration fees and a halving of costs occurring every 8 years.​

Handle LengthHandle Fee per Year (in rBTC)rBTC in weiApproximate Cost (in USD)
1 Character11000000000000000000~$34,519
2 Characters0.25250000000000000000~$8,629
3 Characters0.01515000000000000000~$517
4 Characters0.0055000000000000000~$172
5-14 Characters0.0002200000000000000~$6.90
15+ Characters2.9e-7290000000000~$0.000029 (practically free)
handle fees
Subhandle LengthHandle Fee per Year (in rBTC)rBTC in weiApproximate Cost (in USD)
1 Character0.5500000000000000000~$17,259
2 Characters0.125125000000000000000~$4,314
3 Characters0.00757500000000000000~$258
4 Characters0.00252500000000000000~$86
5-14 Characters0.0002200000000000000~$6.90
15+ Characters2.9e-7290000000000~$0.000029 (practically free)
subhandle fees
3. How Often Does the Handle and Subhandle Fee Halve?

Handle and subhandle fees halve every 8 years, leading to a gradual reduction in costs over time. It's essential to recognize that this halving process extends for up to 8 cycles, equivalent to 64 years. However, after the completion of the 8th cycle, the fees reset to their initial levels as the 9th cycle begins. This recurring adjustment is a crucial consideration for long-term planning. Additionally, it's worth noting that the fees for handles and subhandles are encoded in the smart contract and are immutable, meaning they cannot be modified, even by the deployer.
4. What Characters are Allowed in Handle or Subhandle?

Please use lowercase letters, digits, hyphens (no consecutive, and they should not be at the beginning or end of the input). Double hyphens are permitted only in punycode (xn--) and a single dot is only permitted when registering a subhandle.
5. What is the allowable character length for registering my handle or subhandle?

You can use as few as 1 character or as many as 18 characters when registering your handle or subhandle. We carefully considered this decision to provide flexibility for individuals with longer names. Our research and thoughtful analysis led us to the conclusion that 18 characters is the maximum length, as anything longer might compromise readability. If you need a longer identifier, you can opt to register a subhandle alongside your main handle, offering a combined total of 36 characters, excluding the dot that separates the subhandle and handle.

6. Are There Any Additional Fees or Costs?

The fees discussed here are exclusively for the registration and yearly renewal of handles and subhandles. It's essential to be aware that there may be additional transaction fees, such as gas fees, which are separate from these registration fees. For parent handle owners, there is a fixed fee of 0.0029 rBTC (equivalent to 2900000000000000 wei) to activate the subhandle permission toggle. However, this fee is not applicable for turning off the toggle. Please keep in mind that if the handle is transferred to another address, the toggle subhandle function will automatically revert to the "off" position.
7. What Happens if I Don't Pay the Annual Fee?

Failure to pay the annual fee can result in the forfeiture of your handle or subhandle. In such a scenario, the associated token ID will be burned, and a new token ID will be issued when you or someone else registers the handle or subhandle once more. It is imperative to maintain ownership of your handle or subhandle. Ownership maintenance is your responsibility.
8. Can I Change My Handle or Subhandle?

Changing your handle or subhandle is not possible, as they are immutable, unless you allow them to expire, at which point the associated token ID will be burned.
9. Can I Get a Refund if I No Longer Need My Handle or Subhandle?

In general, handle and subhandle fees are non-refundable. Therefore, it's important to be certain about your commitment to using the handle or subhandle before registering it. However, it's worth noting that you may have the option to resell it once an official marketplace is launched.
10. Where Can I Register a Handle or Subhandle?

We are presently in the midst of developing the front-end to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience for handle registrations. Our primary objective is to make the registration process as accessible and straightforward as possible. While this work is ongoing, you have the option to register a handle through the backend explorer. We understand that this method may be less intuitive for users with crypto expertise, but we're actively working to enhance the user experience.

Smart contract: 0x50506944cEB4b22eb872d01359E5060a5FCfa291
11. Can I Renew My Handles or Subhandles?

Yes, you have the option to renew or extend your handles at any time. It's recommended to perform renewals before the expiration date to prevent the risk of losing your handle. Additionally, users can renew or extend handles on your behalf in a trustless manner.

12. Can I host my handle as a web 2 domain?

No, handles and domains are distinct. Our aim is to establish HNDL as the universal standard for usernames, facilitating widespread adoption for logins on various platforms, including social media and gaming, as well as for sending and receiving native Bitcoin while incorporating zk proofs. Developers are also free to extend this protocol to provide domain services if they choose to do so.

13. Where can I get smart bitcoin (rBTC) ?

BTC <> rBTC 2 way peg: moneyonchain , sovryn, rootstock official peg
Swap sBTC to rBTC and etc: bitflow (coming soon)
Swap BTC to rBTC and purchase rBTC with bank transfer/credit card: mtpelerin
Exchange: bitfinex
14. How to add Rootstock into my Metamask wallet?

ieldRSK Mainnet
Network NameRSK Mainnet
RPC URLpublic-node
Block explorer URLexplorer

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