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    Let's say someone sees that you are spending all your time buying stupid domains with the hope of selling some, and that you feel very bad because you can't sell any; .. and he learns which domains you have, buys some for 4 figures.. and you think you are a good domainer, and years later you learn the turth.
    A little bit twist: You get 4 figure initial offer, and you think you should counter in 5 figures although actually the domain is not worth 3 figures. A fortune 500 company making the offer, or someone like mentioned above (?)
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    What's the question? :xf.wink: Your thread is very confusing.
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  3. johnn

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    He should translate them into English.
  4. biggie

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    I think, if and when you make the decision,
    to either accept the initial offer or counter the offer with higher amount...
    then you should also have contemplated the feelings that you'd feel, for the result of either outcome.

    if you accept the initial offer and they pay, then you be happy
    then maybe regret later, if you think you left money on table

    if you counter offer and then walk away
    then you regret not taking the io

    if you counter and they accept, then you be happy, then.
    but later could still wonder if anything left on table.

    depends on you how much juice, you think you can sqaz from a domain name

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  5. barman

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    Did you mean all of your money?

    If I was the person in this scenario, then I guess I would feel like a dummy for wasting all my time and money on lottery tickets instead of learning from other people and figuring out what actually sells.
  6. JayT

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    Don't ask more if you know it's worth 3 figures, accept their offer then show them another domain.
  7. topdom

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    dating analogy (a very strong analogy imo) : You don't get any dates, and someone sends you a prostitute, and you work hard not to lose her, and later you figure out what really happened.,,
    You are bad at domains, but someone buys your domains just to make you happy. You counter high without knowing someone is just trying to do you a favor. For example your teacher in school learns that you do bad in classes because you work hard to recover money lost in domaning, and he buys some domains from you just to make you concentrate on your classes, and you don't appreciate this favor and instead counter higher and higher, forcing your teacher to go bankrupt.. and years later you learn what realy happened..
    I mean success is not always a good thing. it may be shameful.
  8. alcy

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    its nice if u have rich friends.

    but if you don't appreciate their gifts then give it to charity. like animals.
  9. poweredbyme

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    I agree. Here I wrote similar:

    I think I understand how it feels. One of the reasons might be this: If you saw successful people who got less than what they deserve for their success, then you think success should be a negative thing or is overrated. In fact success is a good thing and you know this or you feel success must be a good thing. But you also know success is a bad thing based on the real life examples about successful people. This generates conflicts. Something should be good or bad, but not both.
  10. WatchDogue

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    How would you feel if...

    If I understand your title question and your subsequent comments, I would feel a bit appreciative for the
    " mercy sales " and, also a bit
    embarrassed and more than a bit angry someone took it upon themselves to help me out as such.

    So I'de most likely feel conflicted - likely more embarrased - angry than appreciative.

    You made the sales and likely, like many domain sales, the buyers AND their purchase motives were unknown at the time of the sales.

    The best analogy I can think of is a " starving artist " selling several art pieces to an unknown buyer, in
    actuality a concerned relative or friend who made a few " mercy art purchases " to help out the artist.

    Re the offer & the counter-offer, that is a common occurrence in many types of sales situations- the final price is still usually determined by the buyer's willingness to accept the seller's price.

    Seems the buyer's motives for buying the names was genuine and in effect, of benefit to you as a seller.
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