guide How to flip a bargain basement domain in 10 days. Day 3: Power of Round-ups.

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Morning Namepros, it's been an incredibly busy week for me, so forgive me for taking so long to publish day 3.

If you missed the opening to the guide, you can check it out here.

Quick recap;
In the past couple of days we have acquired an undervalued domain name, set up hosting, built a small auto-updating blog using RSS feeds, set up our SEO plugin and done a smidge of fiverr promotion cheapo style.

Whats happening today?
Today we're going to look at the power of the round-up, handwritten articles and the fastest and most effective ways to promote your posts without spending a dime.

  1. Create twitter/facebook profiles for our site.

  2. Install social media sharing plugins.

  3. Set up conversionsbox.

  4. Source/Write handwritten articles.

  5. Write your first round-up article.

  6. Promote your articles and do some self-signalling.

  7. Lucky number 7.

And so, it begins.

Head on over to Facebook or Twitter and sign up to both, ideally I would set up an email address specifically for this, it creates more credibility for your starting brand. It goes without saying that you should pick a URL that reflects your websites name, or maybe topic – but the name is much better.

If you can't get the exact name, try spaces, try adding 'com' on the end – you get the idea, s close to your brand name as possible.

Make sure you completely set up profiles, set the logo you made as the profile picture, if you didn't make a logo, then head on over to a royalty free image website and grab an image of something relevant to your site topic - I would grab a picture of a server rack, or a technological doo-dah of some description as my site is technology based.

Social media plugins

Social media plugins are literally a minefield with wordpress, there is way over 1000 different ones, and we just need one of them – since they all do the same very basic thing, you can use your preferred one if you wish, but for this guide we'll be using AccessPress Social Share.

How to install AccessPress you say? In wordpress dashboard, go to Plug-ins > Add New and type in AccessPress and install the social share one. At the bottom of your wordpress menu, there will be a new item added for the plugin.

Open the AccessPress Social Share menu, and just hit 'Save Changes' it will automatically add the top social networks to your blog posts, check out the example on TechnologyStand. Winning.

What is conversionsbox?
We will use a little piece of code called conversion box to get facebook likes, when your floating around the web you might have seen a little black box popup in the bottom right of the screen, this is conversionsbox. It simply prompts you to like a page, simply and without causing a mess.

Head over to ConversionsBox and type in your facebook fan page URL, and a title for the box, then hit “Get Code”

Adding the code

Open wordpress, go to Appearance > Editor menu and add the code into the 'header.php' file you can see on the right side of the screen.

You need to add it either just after the closing html tag, or just after the opening body tag, both of this will be found towards the bottom of the header file, or around the middle depending on the visual size of the header – here's an example of conversion box working.

Handwritten content.
You might have been dreading this section, it's the part I like the least about developing a starter site from a typically bad base point.

What we need to do is have 3-4 articles that are worth promoting, there are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. Round up articles.

  2. Long-hand articles.

  3. Short-hand articles.

  4. Guides.

The ultimate power of the round up.

Whilst I sit here with my glass of breakfast southern comfort and full ashtray from a long night of writing, I realize that spending 3 days writing round-up articles, and then writing a guide about them might seem abit of a dull way to spend my time. You would be completely right to agree with me, BUT. The round-up article is such a high quality way to build targeted traffic, it's a huge thing right now that's been trending hard over the past 6 months and there is a wealth of websites waiting to promote your round-up for you. Not to mention how incredibly easy they are to write.

If web developing and flipping is something you want to do more of, then when you have free time (and now that Game Of Thrones has finished, you should have plenty) – you should think about writing some round up articles, I have a document with around 60 unused, handwritten articles based on the 3 major niches I tend to go for in websites, with a couple of obscure ones as well for future ideas I plan to pick up on.

So let's pick a topic first, it should be a high search volume sub-niche of your main topic, for example Technology is my main topic, a high search volume sub niche would be, Gadgets. From here we can break it down to further high volume search markets, such as Apple, Smart Watches and other 'things'.

When we title our round-up, we want to be a little clever with it – sprinkle some flare on it.


  1. Top 10 smart watches.

  2. Top 20 Apple stuff.

  3. Top 10 technological things. (this is bad for reasons I can't even begin to explain, and I have seen this exact post, a google search will find it for you.)

  1. 10 Smart Watches You Didn't Know Existed.

  2. Top 20 Apple Marketing Campaigns That Changed Our Lives.

  3. Top 10 Tech Advancements In Modern Medicine.

You get the picture, be abit more creative, entice people to want to read it more, format your titles properly and spell check them at least twice.

If you have a copyscape account, it's not a bad idea to run it through and get it scored.

Let us write.

Now you've got your title and subject, you need to write a structured and simple round-up post – if you need some examples you can have a look at the vast amount of roundups on HongKiat or you can checkout an example round-up I have posted on my latest site build:

Top 28 Best Flat Web Design Fonts.

You'll notice in keyword planner that the exact title of my roundup (without the top 28) has incredibly low competition and has a 40k monthly search volume – the title could have had abit more flair to it, but search volume and keywords must be taken into consideration also – a website with organic traffic has the potential for huge growth, people recognize this when they're in the market to buy and it adds huge scores of value.

Self Signalling?
Self signalling is the art of boost your own media on social websites.

We added a social share plugin to our sites, I want you to go through all your posts and share them to the facebook page you created for the site – then with your main facebook account, and any others you might have – like the page, and like all the posts you added – even comment on them, but only with something structured and maybe a hashtag and a keyword thrown in.

Its important to do this since your page will show up in other peoples streams occasionally, and the more social authority you have, the more traffic and serp growth you will see.

Promoting Round-ups.
Round-ups are so easy to promote it's like getting laid with the high school nerd.

Again, I'm not going to post a huge bunch of links for you that a google search can reveal, just one that I personally see success with – I use around 20 sites in total and they are all very easy to submit to, takes a maximum of 2 mins each article.
Get your round-up on this site, and do a google search, don't be lazy.

Round ups bring huge, huge volumes of traffic when promoted well over social media and submitted to round-up websites and blogs in your niche.

Here are some more resources on round ups:

  1. How to create an expert round up blog post.

  2. The Keys to Successfully use Round-up Posts to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Till next time.
Thanks for keeping up with the guide, day 4 will be released on-time tomorrow!

If you have any questions, feedback or need help with round-ups, post here or shoot me a PM and i'll do my best!


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Great read and super informative. Thanks Toby for your efforts.
hey Toby,
Great post.just one question. Do you use some tool to find out whether there is some domain level penalty on your domain before buying.
Morning Namepros, it's been an incredibly busy week for me, so forgive me for taking so long to publish day 3.

I don't think anyone truly realizes how much time publishing a blog posts actually takes. There is a lot of excellent information here for new developers & domainers, great post Toby.
@Toby Swan Morning!
Really looking for the next post.
Please keep them coming.
HAHA It keeps you amused and us too this is a very cool post you started I am going to follow this.
We are all still waiting on day 4.
Great post!
What happened to Day 4? Anyone got a link to it?
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