discuss How to deal with a domainer who doesn't pay for auction he won?



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i "sold" my domain in flippa after i reduce the BIN for a buyer that promise to pay in two days after
he push the BIN button if remove from BIN the "instent payment via paypal" option.
we make this deal, i reduce the BIN he push the BIN button.
the auction end 9 days ago and he didnt pay yet and don't answer my messages.
i know that some of you will say, " why do you trust some one you don't know" and more questions
like that. i will tell you why, first of all i check before i agree do this deal his flippa feedback and his namepros
profile , feedbacks , likes ( and he old member here). secondly, as a domainers we trust each other here in namepros all the time,
is it not so ??
i want you to help me with your experience what can i do in this case?
secondly, as a domainers we trust each other here in namepros all the time,
is it not so ??

No, sorry, we don't trust everyone here. Some people i do trust, very small number. Most I don't

Now days, a person can come here, post in welcome thread, get likes, make a few posts and in a week are

an established member. This business is full of scammers, liars, shill bidders, and greedy people.

Flippa sucks, seems there is always a horror story on here about them. No selfies here

@FlippaDomains should be able to help you out.


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firts of all thank you.

i do contect with flippa. the problem with flippa (One of the many) that they can do nothing realy.
they send him an email and thats it....(it is not the first time it happend to me).
but if you , as a seller, don't pay the 10% after 14 days (i think) they will make you pay.
those kind of things make me realy angry. i miss the chance to sell it to some one else in the same auction
and i realy give him a great deal and he just disappear.
i try again with flippa. why they don't suspend people like that???


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It's a really unfortunate situation to be in.... like everyone has mentioned already there really isn't much you can do.

I think the one small advantage you have is that you have his/her Namepros username ...maybe contact him/her via PM and ask him whats going on and if they still ignore you then make a public post and call him/her out. Not to create any drama but to let other members here know that we should exercise caution when dealing with him/her


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Thank you all.
I know that it happend to most domainers and it happend to me few times.but this time he realy make me mad. I already send him a message in namepros an he ignored.
I send this post to see i there is something to do and to help you to know how is this member.
I will send him last message in np if he ignored again i will call out his name.


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There was a low reserve price auction at flippa which I won for ($6) but the seller wasn't agree to transfer the domain as he was not expecting the domain to be sold cheaper. He asked me $150 for the domain, I opened the dispute and flippa contacted the seller. After few days seller's account was suspended. You can contact flippa and they will definitely help you, at least they will suspend his account for good.


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Yeah, you are kind of right BUT - I don't like wasting time.
With this approach there is absolutely no (financial) gain for me.
Only the warm fuzzy feeling that I did some good for another potential seller and that buyer might think twice before applying the same tactic.

...and I can get warm fuzzy feelings in other ways...
I know: I'm not such a good person :)


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first of all i always paid any name i won or i purchase since i start domaining from 1999
the problem start when i agree with a member at namepros.com to buy his LLL.com for 18000 US$ and escrow fees
we start the transaction through escrow.com and i transfer fund auto by wire transfer from online bank account
our country jordan in middlle east had limited amounts for sending money to some countries ,, my bank account and visa frozen tel last night

even DN.com can confirm that we start the transaction with them before escrow and they canceled it because of limited from jordan to china

this guy offered a domain for 300$ bin at flippa ,, so for any reason i will not look to loss flippa.com account for a little bucks
if i dont want the name at least i didnt contact him several time to lower the bin to 300$ and i click buy now very fast

i done thousands of other transaction with multi marketplace without any problem

even if this guy offer me this name for 1$ i will keep my account suspend and not pay him for this thread
domaining.com is virtual reality world but we are a humans ,, many things can happened with any one in real life
shame of him not me


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Alot of empty words.....
Suddenly you are "alive"....
You tell me "give me time till sunday".
In sunday you said "i pay in monday".
Since then you didn't answer any messaeges.
And i saw you were active here and in flippa.
It is not about the money. I don't need your money. It's about respect. You ask me things and i agree. I don't even know you. So you can tell nice stories to get sympathy. It's happend to me 4 times in the last 2 weeks, So it make me mad.
I didn't want to make a BIG DEAL but it happend cause i was angry from all the
"disappeared buyers"....
So i am sorry that we get to this situation.
Good luck to you.