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James Shek

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Hi everyone. New guy here. I have been reading about the domain business for a month know if I have a choice in how I get paid.

I know about PayPal and escrow but can I use others like payoneer or skrill if I had the chance? I had bad experiences with PayPal in the past and heard escrow fees are higher.

So for a newbie, which payment method is the best and widely accepted between
1. PayPal
2. Escrow
3. Payoneer
4. Skrill

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Hi and welcome to NamePros.

Paypal is the easiest but has relatively high fees (I have to pay ~10%, probably more with the recent increase). For transactions under 300 or so, escrow is too expensive. Payoneer Escrow is far more reasonable ($10 or 15 flat up for transactions of up to $500).

Payoneer is typically the most cost effective solution to receive payments but a lot of members here don't have or prefer to pay via Payoneer.

Don't have much idea about Skrill as it has some issues for my country.

Overall, my order of preference:

1. Payoneer / Payoneer Escrow (Latter for transactions above $300)
2. Epik / Sedo Escrow
3. Paypal
4. Afternic or Uniregistry or similar BIN through their marketplace.

Undeveloped also has an internal payment option (They charge 10% I think) but I've never used them so I cannot comment on the service.

Hope this helps. Happy to provide more info if you need!

Good Luck
Welcome, onboard, for small amount of transaction, Paypal is one of the easisets, for big ones, Escrow is safe.
I have also listed my domain on Flippa and collected fees that way if a person is interested in a domain that is not currently listed.
To add, I also find paypal very sketchy and they can be intolerably at times holding funds, etc. They are known to do that.
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