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Hi can someone help me or give me some advise please.
I know to sell it can take time and you need a good name but can you help me with getting them out there.
Can people tell me how they set there nameservers up?
I’m not very tech savvy so I’d use the standard template to the company.
And parking do I need to add a nameserver for parking.
how many nameservers is best to use as it looks like your can add a lot.
Is it best to stick to afternic and godaddy?
Is twitter good for advertising if so which is the best site.
Sorry for the load of questions I get views on sedo,afternic and Dan but never paid hense why I ask if I’m doing it right.
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You normally need only two nameservers. Godaddy is best for selling domains. You could contact business offerinjg same service as your domains and ask them if they want to buy the domain(s).
So would you not advise having advertising on sedo,Dan, afternic and godaddy then with there nameservers?
Is the godaddy auction any good?
No you can have your dns nameservers at dn and afternic and buy godaddy auction and have your domains listed for sale there.
if you want to park on sedo for parking revenue. You have to point your nameservers to sedo nameservers like

One is primary NS1 and second one is secondary. You have to add both.

Same goes for other platforms
If you list them on Dan, with a BIN price, Dan will list them on Afternic and Godaddy with no extra work.

Go to your domain at the registrar and change the default nameservers to

Login to your account and click on "My Domains" on the left...
at the top you will see "Domain Importer" under the "by hand" section add your domains, with each domain on a new line...

Click "Import" then you will see your domain on the list...

Under the "buy it now" column, click and add a "buy it now" price.

Dan should automatically list your domains on, and GoDaddy auctions.

Hope this helps! (y)