advice Got an offer while GoDaddy sale is pending

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I sold a domain on GoDaddy auctions 10 days ago. The transaction was sent to Escrow, and both of us accepted the terms, but after that there has been no development. I sent the buyer 2 emails directly, and 1 via GoDaddy but there has been no response. I had already sent an email to GoDaddy yesterday to cancel the transaction. It has not been cancelled yet, they will probably reply in a few days.

Today, I got an offer directly on the same domain. If I sell now, would there be a problem?
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You unfortunately have to wait as you accepted terms on GoDaddy and on Escrow.

Try calling GoDaddy to get the transaction cancelled faster.
You have to wait until godaddy cancel the transaction.
Just call them 👍🏼
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