news GoDaddy to acquire domain sales platform dan.com!

Strange, looks like the article was deleted. Proof I'm not going completely mad...


My prediction is that it will close Dan or Afternic because they serve the same purpose.
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Sales proceeds from Dan, we used to get it within 24 hours after closing the deal, can we expect the same from Afternic? Certaining No.
Support was instant in Dan, but it takes weeks in Godaddy.
Dan commission was only 9% but we need to pay 20% commission for Godaddy.
Dan has been a dynamic but it is sad it is merging with a static company

Steven McEvoy

whelp this has to be the worst June,April fools joke ever…

Just feels like a slap in the face by Dan, I get it you’ll take the money but come on.. sell it to someone else not godaddy, I would approve of Epik over Godaddy…

F you, Dan!

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