GoDaddy Domain Won, Paid and Debited For, Now In Redemption Period?

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Hello Everyone,

What I am about to share is something I have never seen or heard of since I started using Godaddy.

I paid for this domain name as seen in the attached screenshot last week. I was debited for it and also received a payment confirmation email from Godaddy. Then a few days later, the domain name was completed and pushed to my account at which point I changed the name server.

As I write this, I discovered quite shockingly that the domain name is now in a redemption period. How is this possible and who are the people behind this kind of unbelievable error at Godaddy?

Godaddy usually charges renewal fees for all domain names won. This means that after debiting me, the domain name was never renewed.


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What a mess... you should also be compensated for your lost time.
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