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    "The .gives domain extension is ideal for charities, volunteer organizations, public service outfits, or any philanthropic movement that's intent on giving back to the community. The .gives space will create a communal niche for those who generously want to pay it forward."

    I recently hand reg'd the domains,, and, "all" to give back to these organizations "if" they'll use them and listen to my spiel. My guess is they will because I was in Key Club in High School and have been a Kiwanian since 1978 (President of the VB Kiwanis on two different occasions).

    My spiel includes domain education, especially the use of nTLD's. I've found very few people know about these new extensions and they simply don't understand them.

    What got me turned on to nTLD's was clicking on about six months ago. There you'll find a real cool site that raises over 100K a year for mind/brain related disease. Ever since that "cool" experience I've been hooked on extensions like; .live, .today .click and even .tv.

    I would recommend to anyone reading this, if you're involved in a charity, buy the .gives extension "if" it fits (unfortunately charities whose name ends in an "s" does not seem to fit:xf.frown:) and "give" it to your charity. It will give you an excuse to get them directly involved in your business....which btw is a good thing.

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