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NamePros Parking is a free service that enables domain names to display simple landing pages.

For example, Nuggies.Ninja is a parked domain name using our "for-sale" template that lets interested buyers know it's for sale and contact the seller directly to purchase it:


Bonus: NamePros branding can be removed from the page.

If a purchase price is added, then the landing page shows:


Bonus: NamePros branding can be removed from the page.

(Member accounts are not created for inquirers or visitors to parked domains.)

In the near future, NamePros Parking will support additional free templates for landers that are not for-sale based, such as "Coming soon" and "Join the waitlist" templates.


Discover everything you need to know about NamePros Parking:


Landing pages (also known as landers) are single-page websites with a goal, such as lead generation, announcements, reservation, petition signatures, joining a waiting list of an upcoming service, or another type of conversion.

Domain parking is when a simple web page, such as a landing page, is shown on a domain name when it's visited. Sometimes, domains are parked only until their full, multi-page website is ready to be shown instead.

Parked domains are domain names that are using a domain parking service. Parked domains may be unused, or they may have additional services associated with them, such as being used for email, internal local networks, or websites with private access. Parked domains may be reserved for future use, brand protection, or other purposes.

Domain parking landers (also template landers) are basic landing pages that are provided by a domain parking service.


Highlighted features of NamePros Parking:
Watch this thread to be notified when new features are added.

Park domains with NamePros​

Register a free NamePros account, or login to your existing account.

Visit NamePros Parking today! 🎉

Tip: Quickly access your parking dashboard using the "Sell" dropdown menu at the top.

Everyone with a NamePros account in good standing can park domains with NamePros, as long as they verify control of the domains. This includes creators, entrepreneurs, owners, sellers, brokers, and more. Plus, verification of domains may be granted to your account by others, such as your clients or coworkers.

Parking domains with NamePros is quick and easy with only 3 necessary steps:

Step 1 - Configure your parking account [necessary]​

Step 2 - Verify control of the domains (e.g., set nameservers) [necessary]​

Copy and paste the DNS records (e.g., nameservers) assigned to your parking account (shown under Verify domains) to the domains that you want to park with NamePros.
  • Note: These DNS records (e.g., nameservers) are specific to your NamePros account; they will be different for your account than someone else's account.

The steps to set verification records (e.g., NS) on domains is slightly different at each domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy). Search or ask your registrar for instructions, or use the instructions in the example below as a guide.

Step 3 - Add domains to your parking account [necessary]​

On the Add domains page, enter a list of domain names that you want to add to your account.

Optional: You may skip the Add domains page and wait for our system to automatically detect domains that are using the nameservers assigned to your account. Once detected, they'll appear under Pending and you'll be able to add them as instantly-verified to your account.

Step 4 - Confirm successful addition and verification [recommended]​

Review the domains you've added to confirm they're successfully verified in your account.


Check the Imports page to find out whether there were issues while adding domains to your account, such as a typographical error ("typo") in an extension (e.g., example.xom). If there were issues, the reasons will be shown and you may be able to fix them (e.g., add example.com again without a typo).


Within 72 hours (why?), but usually within a few minutes, the domains that you've added to your account should show as verified. Verification is automatic thanks to step 2.

Confirm that all domains are verified using one of the following methods:
  1. All of the domains are shown under the Verified tab.
  2. None of the domains are shown under the Unverified tab or the Pending tab.
  3. None of the parked domains show a "Log in now" message when you visit them in your browser.
Method 2 is recommended if you add multiple domains.


Contact us if any domains are still unverified after 72 hours, or if you need help with anything.

Step 5 - Done; you're all set!​

That's all; you did it!

You handle the rest of the conversation through your email.
  • We recommend using Gmail, which can act as a powerful CRM when configured accordingly. For additional CRM features, a popular choice is: Streak for Gmail.

Plus, this service is 100% free: no fees, and no commission, even if you make a sale.

Do you have feedback or suggestions for us? Let us know publicly or privately.

This service will improve over time, and it’ll continue to be free.

Interest received by you​

The interest (e.g., inquiries and sign-ups) that you receive on your parked domains is accessible on the website and emailed to you, including all contact details that were entered on the form.
  • Note: Steps 1 through 3 must be completed before you'll have access to these details and before emails can be sent to you. Once completed, these details will be available to you on the website, even if they were not emailed to you, e.g., because the domain name was not verified yet. Tip: Use the mail icon to have us email it to you (again or for the first time).

Interest sent by you​

Coming soon: not available yet

Update the details that you provided when you expressed interest on parked domains, such as:
  • Change your name, email address, company name, phone number, etc.
    • Offer: Adjust your offer by increasing or decreasing it.
  • Redact your name, email address, company name, and/or phone number.
Coming soon: not available yet


A list of helpful and convenient resources for this service:

Watch this thread to be notified when new features are added to NamePros Parking.

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