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marketplace Four domain marketplaces I wonder about (Uni, Portingo, Daaz and Domainagents)


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I obviously know that Dan, Afternic, Sav, Namepros and Sedo are the marketplaces to use, but what about these ones:

1. Uni - (Worked great before, but what about now?)

2. Portingo -

3. Daaz -

4. Domain Agents -

Did you guys have any success with any of these? Or do you think it's a waste of time?

Uniregistry work perfect for me they have great brokers/support ( at last in my case )

Portingo - they work hard the guy's but need to improve the face of site

Daaz never work with them

Domainagents it's ok i made 3-4 sales but if they not find a strong partner /s will be dead

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I oniy use Daaz a little.
It's nice overall, but there doesn't seem to have much activity. For example, I always look at the auction list when I open the website. It's quite rare you see bids. It's unfortunate.


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We are on namepros too. What works well at DaaZ at moment is sales generated out of the DaaZ landing pages ( thats we can call it as your own traffic), and offloading all the hardwork of collecting the payment from buyer to domain handover to buyers s. BIN success fee is just 5% . We welcome you to join and give a try for 2 months. We will listen to your experience and change. All the best!