FOR SALE: 6 PSD FILES - Hosting sites + more [CHEAP]

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    I have for sale 6 psd files. These are my own original designs. Some of the designs have may have brand names on them. This is because they were originally produced as potential ideas put forward to that brand at a time they were looking to 'revamp' or update their website. None of these designs have ever been used and I will only sell them once. 100% Unique to the buyer. If required I can make small edits such as logo swaps or colour changes but nothing more. Most of these were created a few years ago but I need some money so I've dug out the PSD's to see if anyone is interested.

    You will have full rights and may resell if wanted.

    Hosting site 1. $25
    (Will only sell one of these or both to the same buyer if wanted.)

    Hosting site 2. $25

    Hosting site 3. $25

    App Site 4. $25

    Portfolio Site 5. $25

    $90 for all.

    Feel free to pm or reply here. PayPal only.

    BONUS: I will transfer 5NP$ to each buyer for every design sold. I have no use for my NP$ anymore.
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