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    I used to be a regular user of fabulous and have met their management years ago but have since then switched to the US companies. Recently i acquired a name from them and it says i have a credit of 560$ and its been a week and the domain has not appeared in my account nor i am now able to use their website. I turned two phase authentication on and it seems its broken and all my emails to support have gotten nowhere. Is anybody here from fabulous or could someone help with a phone number for their support?

    In btw i hope the company is still keeping up with its ethical business values!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Just imho -

    if the $560 "credit" is a domain price you paid

    if the domain is registered at fabulous

    if whois output does NOT say "pending sale" in the bottom part

    if the domain is still shown as being for sale on parking page and/or fabulousdomains dot com and/or afternic partner registrars (which sales channel fabulous is also using for their inhouse domains)

    then the purchase never came through by some reason, nor is it pending, so it would not harm just to try repurchase the domain using your account balance as a payment method.

    Of course fabulous may give better recommendations, there is Australian phone No at fabulous / (not fabulousdomains) contact us page
    +61 (2) 8213 3006
  3. namepowers

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    Thanks Tony. The pending sale status was there, but i was concerned that i did not hear back from them for a week and no acknowledgement from customer support. They have now replied. It appears they are going through a transition perhaps a merger etc.

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