Endusers competing with one another

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I have two offers from end-users. I was emailed by the first one, then contacted every domain owner i found in the first 10 pages of google in that niche. I got another reply, now both of these companies are mid-level and created on the internet. They are both giving me what I think are low offers, so what is my next move? Do I mention them to eachother, say there is a lot of interest etc? Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Also I've just been talking to all endusers casually like I speak on the forums if that matters.I think on the internet speaking with big bussiness-y words and having a free email account = some kind of scam... at least thats the alarm that rings in my head when I see them.
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I have experienced this several times and I tend to:

Decide in my mind what price I will accept (BIN price)
Thank each party for their offer
Advise them that there is considerable interest in the name and other offers have been received and are currently being considered
Tell them the BIN price
Give them the opportunity to accept the BIN or increase their offer
Don't appear to be in any rush or urgent need to sell
Don't be greedy!

If they are serious about the name, an increased offer often results (I hate to accept any first offer anyway). And if they take it no further they were probably not serious anyway!
You could explain that there are multiple offers and that for transparency you are starting an auction at Sedo or eBay