various End user domain name sales - NAPAConnect.com sold for $10,000...

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Here are some end user domain name purchases from the past week :

Vivado.com €10,000 – Spirituality company Adviqo AG has a number of web properties. Vivado means “to live”.

NAPAConnect.com $10,000 – Genuine Parts Company owns auto parts company NAPA.

Carsol.com €5,000 – Car maker Renault.

PBTech.com $4,900 – PB Technologies, seller of consumer electronics, uses the domain name PBtech.co.nz.

LTI.co $3,999 - New Jersey company LNT Infotech bought this short domain name.

REA.io $3,200 – Real estate company REA Group LTD in Australia.

EnergyValves.com $3,000 – Energy Products Co. This is a great purchase for a company that sells valves.

3DPrintingShop.com €2,995 – The owner of the Australian ccTLD 3dprintingshop.com.au went global.

JCA.co.uk £2,888 – JCA Engineering in the UK uses the longer domain JCAGroup.co.uk.

AushilfsJobs.info €2,500 – The same person who runs the jobs board at vollzeitjobs.de. Aushilf means “temporary help” in German.

MyCyberScore.com $2,300 – The domain is registered to someone with RE|Security. It would make sense as a security score.

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Always enjoy reviewing end user purchases and the commentaries about the names/buyers.