Email from my domains. An experiment using a chatch-all email address.

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    We all know good names are registered in multiple tld's and variations.

    Moving away from parking, I'm use lading pages to collect leads. Other domains I've setup product specific websites or gateway websites for vendors.

    As an experiment, I created catch-all email accounts on a recently purchased domain and another I've had for years as I developed websites on each.

    The recent purchase was the correct spelling of a "brandable" name. The other is taken in multiple TLD's and variations including dashes, extra words, geo abbreviations, etc.

    All email received by mistake was permanently deleted and the sender notified to update their contact information.

    The results after several weeks:
    99.9% of email received was from vendors, including loan approval and rejection notices.

    I received no private information, no passwords or customer correspondence. Vendors updated quickly, responding with a thank-you. Only one call was required to a vendor that used a "do not reply" address.

    Results were better than I expected. I think people are cautious about what they send by email and customers us web-forms, the phone or social media to initiate contact.
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    it would be helpful do that on several domains to get a better picture..
    however really thanks to share your experiment with us, really appreciated.
  3. I use a catch-all email box to collect and fwd misdirected email. This allows for a non-threatening intro to a potential buyer. Once they see that they're losing emails, they may be open to acquiring my domain.
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    Over a decade ago I had catch-all email set up on 200+ domains. I got about 1000 emails a day, didn't take me long to disable that idea.
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    Right. I usually set catch all for most my domains, and within a month you have more or less a full picture what is going on in those emails. Then i disable them, and rarely there is some useful email box but then i already know its real address so i can disable catch all anyway.
  6. I only use a catch-all for premium names. For example, caught emails meant for,, and others. Usually a couple of months of monitoring gives you a enough email to reach out to all the possible buyers based on misdirected email.

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