Downloading old .COM zone files / daily additions lists

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Hey all,

I am interested in obtaining old copies of the .COM zone file or if that's not available then a list of the day-to-day additions.

I know there are a lot of domain tracking sites out there, but I'm having trouble finding one that provides this data for download. Any recommendations?
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There are quite a few sites out there and hell you can apply and get access on your own as well. One of the sites I have used in the past is


They offer a free 3 day trial so you can see if you like it etc....just click domain lists and scroll down to zone files etc.


Should at least get you in the right direction ;)

I was looking for something like this as well, but someplace that would provide statistics with the domains. For example, being able to download a zone file that had both the domains in there; As well as domain details such as PR, Backlink count, Age..etc.

I did some Google searching and it looks like PremiumDrops is one of the only ones whom offers older copies of the zone files.
Hey guys, thanks for the tips.

I've used PremiumDrops in the past but they only provide the current zone file. I wound up applying for access to the official zone file (which I've detailed here), but neither VeriSign nor PremiumDrops provides access to the historical zone files as far as I know.

The hunt continues.
Both of these services offer 30-day free trials and are pretty cheap:

DomainDataPro.com - $8.95/month - Provides lists of all registered domain names, newly registered domains, and dropped domains.

EasyWhoisPro.com - $49.95/month - Provides daily updated lists of newly registered domains and the whois information for each. Shows 30 days of historical data. You can also filter it to just show domains that aren't using privacy protection. This is better for marketers who are looking for leads.